Sunday, June 26, 2011

New dress for our Zoey !!

Sadly she's not with me today to model this one.. I had it cut out yesterday and went to work on it early this morning. I used stretchy knit (I'm beginning to like this fabric alot!) My mom gave me this awhile back and she had it ..well forever!! maybe early 80s????!!!!  I wasn't going to put anything on it til I noticed it made me dizzy to look at it!! I thought..stripes and circles!! I cut out circles with pinking shears (use these as much as possible) and I needed a second color but didn't have any other knits that would go with this.. I dug around in some of my old t-shirts that I begin to hoard.. and found a red one..and started cutting it up. I like working with t shirts as they don't fray and can use them for anything. BTW.. I'm in need of some v neck's in colors!!!

Looks like a monster eye here.. lol
I only sewn down the biggest circle and the button holds it all down..

I searched the web for this pattern..Actually I sort of modified it from someone's that I'm having a hard time finding it again! I put in the v neck and the sleeves are different.  But I would like to give credit to my missing person ....I'll still look.

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  1. Clever you making such a great Tshirt. I love your pinky shear circles. and the red v neck.


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