Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Bags

My local library does a book reading program every year for the kids. My kids are in their early 20's and they went to these when they were young! They always give out great books and gifts for each reading level/age. I enrolled Zoey. She is just 18 months old but they had a age group for her , we just count the pages read to her . She loves books already, (takes after me and her mommy).

I was looking at some of the children's fabric I had wanted to make something and thought about tote bags for books.. sooooo, i made three of them today. The red,white and blue ones I already had finished and needed some for the older kids.. I had terrible lighting in my room so the colors don't show up very well. The Mickey Mouse and "art" print was given to me from Dana. If you are in need of some cute and beautiful handmade hair bows she's the one to get in touch with!!!

oh yeah.. I not sure if I should post this as I'm starting to feel bad lol but ............I WON ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!! ....
I had actually forgot about this one i entered over on The Intrepid Thread. I got to pick which color line of five different sets... I get a fat quarter of these colors!!!
well just the orange set.. It was hard to pick from.. sometimes I think I would rather they sent me some and surprise me!!
I'm building up a nice stash of goody fabrics!!! Thank you so much Intrepid Thread!!


  1. Congrats again!!!! The library bags turned out really nice =D I'm sure they will be very appreciated!


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