Monday, June 13, 2011

My momma's quilt

She's been working on this new quilt that had her stumped for awhile. She lost some of the pieces or blocks and some of fabric she wanted to use.. (or she's misplaced them as I think! lol ) but it is coming together nice. It's a bit different but that's why I like her quilts. I'm not sure what she is calling this one.. will get more info on it as I was in a rush that day when I took these pics and its been a long day..another story ...

The middle is her design, and I'm thinking she found the corner embroidery pieces at a yard sale?? Ok I will have to get the story from her and update this !!! My mind is tired.
Tomorrow I am going to try to get back on track of sewing.. I entered a sewing swap with Creative Collective on Swap-bot . I'm excited about this one as you get THREE partners!! yay!!! Three goodies in the mail!!!
You can check it out here if you might be interested. Deadline is June 14th (tomorrow!) to join. If you don't want to try that one there is TONS of different swaps you can enter at
I'm working on a new label for my items I make and a new header for the blog.. I have it all drawn up but I don't know what program to use to get it into a jpg file. I used Avery program to make the label but it won't let me save it in any other file to bring it up on paint or something else. I don't have Word or other of the other expensive programs. Does anyone know of a FREE photo/word program I can make my label to print? (and I'm thinking about sending to Spoonflower to make some labels as well!) the thing is the program I will use will have to have the option for curved text..I'm excited about this label I made !!!
Have a good evening..or morning =)

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