Sunday, June 5, 2011

A great blog to follow...

I love this blog! Amanda has some amazing printable planner pages. If you like this sort of thing , printing out your own pages , calendars, to do lists, and/ or just doodling on paper she has just the thing for ya!

I made her little paper binder and its soo cute! I keep it next to my keyboard to jot notes or date down.
Just to let you know HOW awesome she can be,,,welllll she just sent her fans on Facebook a link to download her Printable Planner 2011-2013! (normally you would have to order this) I love these pages. What are you waiting for? Go over to her blog and check out her great ideas and printables and other cuteness and crafts! Oh and also she is counting her days to meet her new baby less then 2 weeks!! Go over and give her a shout :)

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