Saturday, June 11, 2011

Package received and swimming

Going to try to get this post in this morning....been trying to do this for couple of days..
I had my granddaughter Zoey yesterday and we had a blast!!! We set up the little pool and let the sun warm it for a few hours.. I took her out to look at it before it was ready and her eyes got HUGE! I told her to feel the water and she said brrr haha. But it did finally warm up and a nice breeze started blowing and it was perfect day for a kid size pool swim. She thought Mamaw had to get in as pics of that! :)
( do you notice our 3 year project in the back? We have a pond full of fish and not much rock and nice plants around them ) ..yet

I received my winning from bluemountaindaisy and I LOVE IT!! You can see a closeup of it Here.
I hung it up temporarily above "my thinking table" (because i seem to think of what to do instead of cut here)
I have a small shelf I want to hang below it. At least I have some color on my bare walls now!

Along with this adorable little quilt I got a little stack of fabric squares. I'll probably hoard those for now. I have my eye on a quilt project that I want to do. I only made one quilt top my whole life. The log cabin quilt is probably the easiest to put together. My mom had quilted it for me..this has been years ago and I had washed it so much then my kids played on/with it and so on and it finally wore out. I learned my lesson from using thin fabric too..oh hum.
ok .. I got off the track a bit....but heres a pic of the fabric squares!
I have to show off the back of that little quilt too! I so love the label she made for me!!!
Tomorrow I'm going to try to post some pics of my mom's quilt she is working on..We are going to do some shopping today at Joann's and I have to use a $3.00 coupon at Staples today ..its literally burning a hole in my wallet. AND it expires today! Coupons that equal free or under a buck makes me happy :)
Also one last thing.. some of you probably wont read this far down lol but ...
How many blogs are too many??!!! I am following so many wonderful blogs and keep adding to the list.. as you can see on the right there of my page my list..and I have added since I posted those! I feel like I'm going to miss out on a cute project! (or giveaway!)  I do read them all when they update. I have to draw the line somewhere but can't stop myself! Oh and can't forget the list of coupon blogs I follow! :)
Well I guess if you're going to hoard something its best to do it as a list then cats ( i like cats but only have ONE!!)..or tiny pieces of paper that your can't seem to throw out..or...rooms full of useless junk.. (I'm appalled at those horder shows on tv)

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