Monday, June 6, 2011


I finished the Thread Catcher Kit I won from Candice over on Made With Love blog. I like how the boning keeps the opening..WIDE open. It was a easy pattern to follow and didn't take me very long to make..(not counting the endless interruptions from Baby (my applehead) and husband.(hardhead) lol oops  did I type that outloud??
and phone calls..and.and.
Ok here's the pic...
Thank you so much Candice for this chance to win this!!! They are great!

Also I been organizing my fabric and sorting scraps. Now that is work.. ugh. I have a FULL trash bag of the littlest scraps that can't do nothing with.. anyone want them? If not I'm taking them to Goodwill to recycle. They are pieces that are long end strips that aren't sewable at all. (don't worry I don't get rid of anything that can be sewn up!)
but anywho.. I got my shelves sorted abit and my Baby wasn't happy I took her "bed" of scraps..oh. I just had a thought..I just decided to keep my scraps!!!
I took this pic of her after she wrestled to get up in the bottom shelf.. I love this little puppy :)

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