Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bias Tape

Need I say more? for those who want to do it but afraid? As I was :( so pitiful .. I sew just about everything under the sun but I was afraid to make bias tape!! I always asked my momma to do it for me..hehe
BUT I'm a big girl now and my gosh I think I've mastered it ..well until I looked closer at it...and tell me?? Do you see what I see!!???
(sorry about the unfocused pic . I use my cell phone)
NO its not my dirty crumb covered table clothe lol ...hint.. are my dots all in a row?? giggles.
well I DONT CARE I MADE BIAS TAPE!!! :D but i'll use solid color next time!!
Anyways... I had to make bias tape as I'm making something that needed..well.bias tape. I hope to get those finished up tomorrow.. I am making four and only have one to go!! yay.. I'm trying to make some little things for my sewing swap I entered last week and I got my partners today!! One from Australia , oh speaking of down there.. Rachael Daisy...expect something from me from your very own postal man/or lady maybe next week?? 
My other two partners are from United Kingdom and Canada!

Alittle note.. I started this blog for one reason.. to list and blog my craft things I make and hopefully sell some items here and there but I get off the path sometimes,,so its becoming like a daily journal of about everything inbetween. But, as I notice on other great blogs I read they do the eh.... I'm doing ok .
My brother made it in today from Kansas City , MO..You know the one that is famous and has TWO cd's out?? well one but almost two soon!!
If you haven't yet, check his play list out... click over there on the right of my page and  wander around his place.


  1. Woo hoo!!! Grats on the bias tape!!! I'll be working on that soon myself. Don't worry about not posting about crafting all the time. It's fun to read other stuff =D

  2. Thanks Sasha! and you are right about the postings..I enjoy seeing all the cute kids in their new HOMEMADE outfits.

  3. Yeah Aunt Suzee! Firsts are fun aren't they? Even scary ones like bias tape!! Geesh I could never do that but you did woohoo

  4. Lol Sarah, well I could never be as good at couponing as you are!! :D Thank you !


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