Friday, June 3, 2011

Long over due

I have been receiving my giveaway goodies I won in the mail this week!! First I got the Thread Catcher kit from Candice over at Made With Love blog . I love the colors she sent me..will be using this after I make it next to my serger.
Candice, if you read this I promise I'll send finished pictures!! I like her business cards..and here is a link to her etsy shop!! She has some lovely clutches and tote bags there.

OK the second thing I received was a set of re usable snack bags! I know they will come in handy around here.. These came from Amy over on gabrielsgoodtidings . Loving the reds!
The fabric next to it from Carly at  cjscraftcorner. I was actually the second runner up because the first winner she picked realllllllllly messed up and didn't contact Carly.. :( I would of hated that!!! and kicked myself..
The fabric is called Farmdale Blossom and I know I will use that to make something for ME!!! ok if I have scraps maybe a little keychain or something for someone special :)
I think I posted on facebook last week I received a swap package from a lady in Singapore. I went to rate her on Swap-bot and she isn't even listed anymore. Uh.
Well she sent me some cute little charms and buttons along with some bookmarks. (not showed) and some tea mix.. smells yummy but not tried it yet!

OK if you're still with me here I got some pictures of some items I made for friends, family and orders..
These are graduation gifts I made for my super duper friend up north of Indiana from me and I think she totally loved them as I received a special call from her today .. GRINZ!!! A small snap/zippered wallet, a boxy bag to carry all her goodies like make up and such in collage this fall!! ( going to be a IU student yay!!! )
and the fold over clutch is a pattern I purchased from . I have made several of these. Very easy to do!

I made a small zippered pouch for a order and my customer requested a shoulder strap.. never made it this way before but it turned out cute enough.. :)

And her matching shorts!!! I can not for the life of me take good pictures. I don't have a good camera so I rely on my phone.. but these shorts are a draw string waist with pockets.. This customer has me making a pair of these every week with different teams and sizes! ( I even have a order for a 9 month size hehe that will be cute to match the mommy!)
These people are big fans of football I'm reckoning..

Still here?? hmmm ok..I have to tell you if you haven't purchased a label / stamp machine yet..DO! Its worth it! I myself got mine like almost free though .. Long story but I love Staples scratch and dent warehouse sales !!! :))))
I set mine up today (there was a small crack in the lid but hey it still works) and I'm hooked.. I mail alot of packages out and going to the post office to stand in line isn't fun.. wait.. I live in a small town,, I'm maybe second in line most the time and then end up talking for 20 minutes to someone I know or the lady behind the desk ,,but you get my point..
I'll just say I will save gas! ok, I set it up and it came with a scale so I can weigh my packages/letters even. how cool is that?? I printed my stamp...eeeee !!exciting.But just this once I did take it to the post office to make sure the postage was right.. well it was right on the money! oh and printing postage at home saves !! you get a discount..teeny one but its money in your pocket..

wow this is alot to talk about,, its coffee time oh did I mention its my birthday!!! , I still have more pictures to post but have to save something for tomorrow. .....
Happy day to me :)


  1. Suzee- You are too sweet! I'm so excited that you love the fabrics and can't wait to see the finished Thread Catcher! :)

  2. You're welcome !I get excited over these sorts of things! lol I asked for thread this year for my birthday and my friends laugh at me..oh hum..maybe need newer crafty friends! ha!


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