Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodies in the mail and a new purse !!

I received my giveaway winning from The Intrepid Thread  and I LOVE IT!! The fabrics are sooo bright and pretty in person =) She even wrapped it all up for me !! I'm just going to use Julie's picture from her site, as my camera doesn't help with showing the colors. I showed my momma these today and I saw her drool abit..hehehe Thank you again Julie!!

OHHH and!!!! she had a sale in her store and well........I HAD to buy a yard of this!!!!
I love it!!! I wanted to do new valance's in my sewing room and I wanted something cheerful and when I saw this I knew I had to have it...and hopefully have enough to make a little purse for Zoey bug =)
Go over to Julie's shop here and see all the goodies she has!

I got alot of sewing done today. I finished a purse pattern I wanted to try.I found a "inspiration" purse . It was in leather but I made mine from clothe for now.. I used heavy fabric so I wouldn't use up my interfacing and now I wish I had used interfacing as it came out pretty good..small tweaks if I do make it in soft "leather (vinyl). I did NOT like how I finished the hole for the handle.. I'm my own critic and my worse one! lol but.. I do like it and will use it even if its not bright in colors as I ususally like..

Ok is my inspiration
Click here
I didn't feel like putting in the zipper thing on the outside OR the handles.. I just wanted to see how I liked carrying it and it came out like this!!
But anyways.. carry on...

I been making things to add to my Etsy shop!!! yay!!! That will come in due time.. alot of time!

Ok ..on with unrelated things not crafty...
It was SOOO nice outside today!! Partly cloudy and looked like rain alot but a nice breeze blowing all day and was only in the higher 70's!! LOVED this morning me and my little applehead, Baby went for a walk out back around our pond. She's not been feeling too well lately but she made it!!!
 Doug keeps a wide path behind the pond mowed for us and it was nice and cool in there today.. I didn't want to leave so we walked slow...
 This was shot way back in the corner ..we walked from over on the other side there by all those trees.. there is a driveway there if you believe it..well sortof grown up now...

Homeward bound!!! Baby has had enough and actually started running here haha! She flopped down on the floor after we got inside..

But she wasn't too tired as we all went back and did it again this evening..

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