Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well.. not the eating sorts,  but you will get the picture...and if you get bored of the babbling ...skip on down to the sewing parts! 

I try to save as much money as I can , I use TONS of coupons and try to shop local (season permitting) .And I'm trying to be more planet earth friendly and took up recycling in the last couple of years.. Sometimes its a hassle but I keep thinking of all that garbage that goes into our earth and think eww. And not to mention the animals it affects in the oceans! I try to buy things that don't have alot of bad icky chemicals but some things listed here is more on the frugal side then being green.. I'm not a expert in this stuff but I use what is best for moi. = )

A list of things I do for the better of the environment..and me.

  1. I take reusable bags to shop.. I have bought them yes, but now I make them as you all should know by now!! lol
  2. I recycle as much as I can. I even throw my food garbage outside for the critters,, that I am not happy about this year eating my best tomatoes!! But I had more then enough tomatoes this year,, so all is ok I guess..
  3. I have made my own re usable clothe napkins.. I used tutorial from HERE for Unpaper Towels as she calls them.. I love them too, but need to make more.. and Doug said to make them man friendly as BIGGER for his bigger mouth   hands. She has alot of other great things you need to look at. Snack bags, produce bags..etc.. I love her blog. Actually she was almost the first blog I started following if I remember right...almost but not lol.
  4. LAUNDRY SOAP!!! this is my favorite part!! I love making my own laundry soap!! It makes the whole house smell so good and fresh! I was making the gelled type where you have to boil water and la la la and put it in a big 5 gallon bucket.. The other night I ran out and was lazy to wait for it to set over night to use.. so I went searching on Pinterest.. my favorite place now!! I found a recipe for the dry method.. Easy peasy and still smells good, because you have to grate the bar soap.. (my wrist still hurts! lol ) I went HERE for that.. I made the smaller batch as I wasn't about to grate 4 bars of soap!! Read her whole page about this.. I could tell you all about it but its easier just to go there lol,, did I mention I'm a lazy blogger?
  5. I haven't made this yet but will in the next couple of days!! Home made hair tangler!! HERE is something I really need but not for me.. My grand daughter, Zoey has the wildest hair I have ever saw on a baby! ITS BEAUTIFUL but gets so tangle-ly while wet.. Just use Suave conditioner and water , mix it and as Zoey say's ........DA-TAH!!! I got some coconut scented and can't wait to try that.
  6. Also HERE is a home made fabric softener, I've not tried it yet. and its use's Suave again.. I have bought regular liquid softener and poured into a container with cut up old socks of mine and then shake it or toss it around and use the one or two strips of the socks after soaked in that in the dryer. I've used each piece a few times. So you get a lot of mileage out each piece. 
  7. Hmm what else.. 
  8. My friend, Sasha gave me a site to check out. This is all natural products for you and your home.(and is not tested on animals!! big plus!)
  9. I shop Goodwill. You can find some vintage bowls and stuff there!!! 
  10. and I had to round to 10 for the list!!! hehehe
But all in all I just wanted to share with you some things I use around the house and if you got anything you use to pass on let me know! I'm always looking to try new things.

Sewing part!
 I didn't think I would get this finished today but I did and here it is...
Another wallet!  (surprised? lol)

the zipper didn't quite get right.. zippers make me crazy..
It has a magnetic snap closure..
 Plenty room for all the business cards and endless supply of credit cards!!! I have a debit/credit card. I hate credit cards!!
I bought this pattern from this  Etsy store.. It's a super easy pattern to follow. I really love it.. so probably will make more! and........I can sell them..yay! It's called the OOO RAH wallet as her son is a Marine and she named it and carries in honor of him..I LOVE THAT! (check her store out and look at her versions..they are great!)This wallet is for sale.. but I think its sold already ,still waiting for answer = )
I need to make me one next! I never make myself anything lol
Ok one last thing .. I made some cute little training pants.. (did I post this before??) deja vu..hmmm
My niece was wanting some training pants for her little girl, and I am making some for my grand daughter as well.. I gave these to Zoey as she saw them and loved them. I made them from a couple of t shirts !!! Oh thats being green again!! lol (add that to my list)
I also managed to get another Go anywhere bag using Noodlehead pattern cut out tonight. If Zoey takes a nap when I have her Monday I'll get that sewn up...hehe. 


  1. The zipper in the wallet looks fine to me! :-) We are our own worst critics, aren't we? lol

    Love the Top 10(ish), too!


  2. Did you know you can use vinegar as fabric softener? You can!!! I promise your clothes won't smell like vinegar either :) Vinegar will also remove hard water stains!! OH....and you can use baking soda for all of your scrubby needs :) My kitchen sink sparkles =D

    Your wallet turned out perfect!!! I'm glad you had enough fabric to finish!!!!

    Hey...I was going to ask you about the training pants. I remember you telling me about them, but I never saw a picture of them. They are sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Dana!! I tried to email but it was a no reply blogger yes I am a very bad own critic! lol


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