Sunday, September 11, 2011

New purse finished!

Ok I am on a roll down the hill here ,, I whipped a purse out last night and finished this morning.. Photo098Photo099Photo100Photo101

I bought this pattern from Noodlehead . It’s her latest one. I love all her patterns and made several different ones from her. The instructions are clean and easy to follow.

This fabric is really soft and looks like snakeskin.  A friend of mine (Dana) gives me tonnage (is that a word?) of fabric as she cleans out her craft room. I do love them kinds of friends!! She handed me this fabric and said, I’d like to see what you make out of this.I didn’t believe it would turn out to be a purse,because I was baffled at what to make.. She gave me the idea to use it for this purse she wanted. And ta-da! I totally love it! I might have a enough left to make me one! Its super soft and not heavy on the shoulders. As you can see I didn’t waste time moving right into it..I even had a wallet already made from the lining fabric! Theres so much room and the pockets on the outside are awesome for your keys, sunglasses,phone,etc… I used a magnetic snap for the one deep outside pocket and had to use velcro for the main part as I was out of magnets.. I will have to stock up on them as I know I will make a lot more of these purses..

I was taking Baby for her morning stroll around the field outside today and my cat comes running out of the woods. Luckily without presents for me.. I found a headless something under a tree out front the other day..eww.

I never talk about my other pets, so here is the rest of the furry babies.. This is Katie, Photo103she was just a kitten barely weaned that someone dumped off for the coyotes to find. But she found us first thank goodness. I hear this little mew mew and look across the yard and this little flash of fur running straight to me.. climbed up my leg and clinged on like a sticktight burr. We ended up keeping her and Baby and her have been the best of friends..

And this big wooly bear is Sweety..


She is the protector of our garage. I caught her sleeping at post here.. she's deaf and I had to nudge her awake to smile at the camera. She was a drop off as well and has been the best outside dog we have ever had. We have no idea how old she was when she found us, but she was tiny and maybe at least a year old. That was about 1995ish?? So that makes her at least 16 or so years. eeks! And that’s not counting dog years.. She doesn’t walk much. Its sad because she has been so faithful, only thing we do is keep her you can see……..

Have a fun filled day!!!


  1. Great job on the purse!! Awwww...your other pets are sooo cute!!!

  2. Love, Love, LOVE the purse!!! Can't wait to see it in person!

  3. awe, this is awesome, way to use up some cool fabric. so glad you liked the pattern!


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