Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stitch Your Soul: Sunday Sewing - win win win

Go over to Stitch Your Soul and win a hand stamped zipper pouch!!! I love the colors on these!!
Stitch Your Soul: Sunday Sewing - win win win: I had spent this morning making a new batch of purses in advance of a market I am doing in a week or so and so set up a production line, was...

Hope everyone is having a great week!! It's been raining here last couple of days.. but we needed months ago!! Now it will rain rain rain til November and snow snow snow til spring.. I don't like winter... blah blah blah.
= )


  1. I agree!! Those pouches are adorable!!! Good luck with the market you are doing!!! How exciting!!! You will sell lots =D

  2. Ha Ha Ha! You make me laugh so much, Thats such great description of winter. It's raining here too but it's spring rain and is making everything look so green and pretty. I bet your purses sell like hot cakes at the markets!


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