Monday, September 5, 2011


Did ya miss me?? lol

Well..ok then..

I’ve missed being here, and I got a couple of orders finished up..

OH before I start plastering pictures up, I hope everyone is receiving their bags I sent out.. And of course to a couple of the other long distance peeps out there it won’t be long! I promise! We had a holiday today and that will delay our postal services as well…

I got two long handled purses finished and I really like how they turned out!!! You probably recognize this Steeler’s fabric huh??? (This lady totally loves her football!) and its reversible, so both pictures are the same purse… 


Also she wanted two kid sized “do-rags” Aren’t they cute??? I stamped there names on the front’s ,so they don’t fight who’s is who’s ,,you know how kid’s can be!!




And this is for my son’s girlfriend’s friend, …cousin, boyfriend’… lol just kidding.... I still need to make her a matching wallet for it.. I lined this with heavier interfacing.. actually a batting . it was very VERY hard to turn it right side out! You have to turn it through one of the handles!


I made it a bit longer then the pattern said, and added a cell phone pocket inside the handle.. (second pic)

You know I can’t keep myself from posting Baby!! hehe!

I got out some of her clothes.. yes I dress her.. but not girly stuff, I’m not a ruffled foo foo type of girl myself so I won’t put her in them either.. But anyways, I got some shirts out that …shrank! and well since she lost some of her weight she can wear them now.. not that she cares,but she does wear them with no complaints.. the shirt says “Ruff Rocker”  I think she thinks we officially abuse her now and wants to call CPS (canine protection services) , all in just today she got two shots..a ear cleaning with drops, and dressed.. that’s serious.. lol

And she’s not sulking in this she???




  1. Baby is such a cutie, you can post as many pictures of her as you like!! You have been soooo busy making lots of fabulous things. I really like your long handled purses!

  2. hehehe....look at Baby sulking. Oh she is cute!! Your projects are turning out great Suzee!!! I'm glad you are getting some sewing time in =D

  3. I recieved my lovely bag today in rainy London. I LOVE the colours green is one of my FAVS I am so happy with it.

    Wil try to take some pics in the next few days of the bag out and about in London :)


    xx alice


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