Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Made new wallets!!

My daughter in law said she needed a I.D. holder , as she is in college. And she also told me she could sell some easily .. soo.. I couldn't help myself and got busy!!
I used Noodlehead's pattern ..again . What would I do without her??? geez I would cry because she is so awesome in her patterns and I am not!! .. wait.... blowing my nose...ok..

hehehehe I'm a drama queen.eh?

Seriously I can not draft a pattern on paper.. its all good in my head but looks a mess in real time.. but can do a sudoku puzzle in no time flat..weird.

Maybe should of took a pic with out the biz cards inside? lol  And I really need a new camera. 
I love these little wallets. I just put a clear pocket on front instead of original pocket, and added the ring on side. Hoping to sell these super fast. What I like about these wallets you don't use very much fabric at all. Scraps if you wanted. But I cut into my newer fabrics for these. I had a box of lanyards I got at a Staples warehouse sale. 

I tried cleaning up my blog page.. I was looking at it this morning and thought ewww. So moved things around a bit. (also moved my living room around too)
If you check out the button from SewHappyGeek on the left there I linked the "snakeskin" purse!! She's having a bundle giveaway as well! Go check it out!! 

I wanted to post this video for no big reason other then I love these guys!! and the song is so me.. and the video tells you what the soldiers think about the whole time there...God Bless Them All. 

Happy day.


  1. They look great Suzee!!!!! I like these the best out of all of the test ones =D

  2. These look great Suzee!! What a fun idea! I bet they're snapped up and you'll be busy making more in no time! I like the new layout for your blog. You've reminded me that I need to spring clean mine too.

  3. spotted these too! great changes you made, they're so cool! :) I'd love it if you could add them to my flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/noodleheadtutorials/

  4. Cute wallets! Thanks so much for linking up at www.sewhappygeek.co.uk and for liking us on Facebook too! Have a great weekend!


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