Thursday, September 29, 2011

NOT a good evening...

I was trying to get a little bit of my projects started tonight to put in my NEWWWWWWWW store on Facebook! (I'll tell more later in the post)....
But I ran into a problem here.. I HATE to rip things out.. So my little old tired looking seam ripper , which I named him the seam REAPER got a little workout tonight.. why ? I didn't do this once,, I sewn it right back on again the same way...... : / ugh.
So I fixed it (talking to myself and not in a nice way) and turned out the lights.. coffee and computer time was it for the rest of the evening..(caffeine doesn't do a thing for me,so I can drink it all night and still crash in bed)  The night is young, its only 11pm ...

Ok,, firstly.. I have a facebook Applehead Threads page.. there is a box thingy on the left there you can access it!! Actually its my NEW page as I have one thats like a regular page but wanted one that I can put my new store on it from Tabjuice. I had to have the fan page to do it so off I went to open my new page.. and wasn't happy about it as I have to get all my friends on the new page before I can delete the other. Or keep it, dunno yet. Because I still have my OTHER page under my name for friends and family.. I actually have a book I have to keep up with myself now!
So far I have one item listed in the store.. is new to me, I'm not sure how old it is but seems new as I've not come across anyone with it yet.. If I start something on Facebook I ought to get some extra lovings from this company!! hehe

Anywho... go check it out here my STORE here!!! And go LIKE my page! You can like it from that box thingy also.. I'm so pushy huh??

OK.. secondly..
I'm NOT happy with our postal service.. remember the yarn.. oh I mean hanks of wool ... I sent to my friend Sasha.. she received it today.. but only HALF OF IT! oooooooOOOOOOOooooOOOoo0000000oooooooo I'm upset and sick to my stomach over it!! I put it inside a flat rate envelope. I actually had it inside a bubble package envelope but decided to put in a flat rate as I added more stuff to send her. I usually tape it really good and since I sealed it at the post office instead I didn't. That sticky stuff on the envelope took really well and I even asked the lady what she thought, she said looks good. Thank goodness I put insurance on it! She only received 2 of the hanks and no goodies from me!!
She said it was taped up on one end and looked dirty too. So we are thinking it got ripped up or "opened" in transit and they lost the other items or pocketed them lol.. I have got packages or letters that was ripped up a bit and post office always put a note on it like "damaged in transit" or something like that.. I have sent many packages and this is the first time the post office handled it this way.. I'm fumed!
Sasha (I'm so sorry) called them and they have a search for the items.. I'm going to go ask my office as well tomorrow..
So IF anyone out there found a tiny wallet (I made her)with my business card inside please send me email or comment!! lol PWEEASEEEEEEEEEE!!
This yarn is special to us!!!!!

OK.. thirdly...
I'm tired!! I had a grand daughter stay over last night.. wow.. she is a twister of wind!! She is at my favorite age of a toddler.. jabbers and tries to talk and is starting to put things together very well!! I been working with her colors with her.. so far everything is yellow lol She going to be a country girl ( I hope) as she loves!!! papaw's lawn mower!! She calls it twacker wide!! (tractor ride in Zoey-nese)

Ok.. I've jabbered enough. I usually like to post pictures but typed enough instead...Going to go find something to eat with my coffee!! teehee


  1. Sorry about the PO issues...that would really annoy me. =( Now I worry about mailing things in flat rate envelopes!

    I don't like ripping things out you're not alone.

  2. Those flat rate envelopes make me nuts. I wish they would come up with a plastic one. They are not sturdy at all!!! We'll find my yarn. I just know it!!! And I want all the little presents you mailed me too dangit!!! Something has to turn up since I have two tickets open with USPS.

    LOL Suzee!!! I have done that before...sewing something on the wrong way...not once, but twice! It can be frustrating, but I laugh at myself to, because I'm such a dork.

    I'm glad I got to talk to you lots yesterday, even though it wasn't for something a little more fun. It's always nice to get to chat with your bloggy friends =D

  3. p.s. Your Facebook page/shop looks great! I can never get mine to stay on my shop name. It always wants to switch back to my name. I think I did something wrong....I never use it anyway :)


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