Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Made a new purse!

And its For Sale!!
I haven't listed it on Etsy yet.. I'm still not sure if I want to do that as I get the orders locally pretty well.. if not sold I'll do it = ) And still wondering about a new thing called TabJuice. I thought it was free but its about like Etsy . I've not read up on it much but its a  app  for Facebook..I don't really have time to mess with it right now lol Has anyone heard of it or using it?

Here is the Go Anywhere bag.. I love the colors. Its more for a younger person. But that's the IN thing now a days.. peace signs, skulls, black and more black, and pink!!!
Three deep pockets on one side!!!

ONE big pocket with magnet snap closure here

and the inside has a pretty good size pocket for a notebook and pen. Its made with 100% cotton, and closes with a magnet snap as well. I think I bought all the fabric from Joann's. I used a heavy interfacing and its pretty good and strong but also still light on the shoulders.. One thing I love about this purse it stays put on your shoulder and lays right under your arm pit instead of down to your hips!! If anyone is interested in this shoot me a email. First email first served! lol I'll be making a couple more.. I'm maybe thinking of putting a little tab on the inside and making one of the little coin purses I made a few days ago to hang off it?? hmmmm
Credit for this pattern goes to Anna Graham of http://www.noodle-head.com/ I have used alot of her patterns!

OHHH I have a bloggy friend (Sasha) that loves to buy yarn, I mean LOVES IT! and I asked her if she was interested in freshly made off the sheep wool yarn!!! She said yes of course = ) and went to a neighbor that makes her own yarn.. spins it , dyes it , the whole 9 and more yards!!! hehe So these lovely hanks( I did not know this term til yesterday,I'm not a knitter lol) of yarn is off to her in the mail today!!!

Isn't is pretty! All natural and smells good and country fresh!!! Enjoy Sasha!! Please post what you make from it!!

I was to get this posted way earlier today but my momma had a dizzy spell again :( me and my sister drove over to be with her and she is fine now.. she is staying with sis tonight = )
There's not much to do so the doctor tells her, but to lay down and relax til it passes.. there is more details but I won't go into it all.. she will be back to her momma self by tomorrow!! 


  1. Suzee!!!! Your bag looks perfect!! I really do like that pattern!

    Oh my yarn!!! I can't wait to pet it!! I'll be stalking the mailman on Thursday =D

    I'm glad your mom is ok! I wish there was something the doctor could do :(

  2. Hello! Just wanted to let you know that TabJuice IS free! 100 percent free. The free trial information you may have seen is incorrect. We take no commissions and no fees. Promise :)

    Dylan, Co-Founder - TabJuice

  3. I love it that Hanks rhymes with Thanks, They were made to be a gift! I've never heard of Tab juice, I LOVE Etsy. But if it's free it might be worth a go. I hope youre mother is feeling better soon!!

  4. Dylan, I think it would be a great service to use , but it tells me it can access and manage my pages. I think I will try it but I don't like that someone taking over my pages!! lol


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