Friday, November 18, 2011

New stuff!

A week or so ago I ordered something from for the first time. I been wanting a address stamp for us for some time as I get tired of printing them out or actually writing it.. can you imagine? lol Actually I do love to write, but when you're in a hurry a sticker or stamp will do the trick! They had a deal on stamps. (They are all deals on that site! ) I blotted out the one because it's a present so I didn't want to give it away. 
Look.. they sent me a Twizzler stick!! haha. When that fell out of the bag I laughed.. I can't eat it as I have a abscess tooth :( Will need a crown on it and won't have it done until Dec 5th.. blah. But the doc put me on antibiotics until then.

 I bought a couple of the patterns from sale and made this little cute bugger. My button is abit far up I think. But the velcro is on the back side and didn't want to put it inside that. I think I use the wrong size velcro.

Since this one is going to be mine it won't bother me much. It is a tiny thing and I love it!
I'll be making some more up for gifts!! Ok that button is starting to bother me.. 
Anyone else make these??


  1. Ohhh I have that pattern too =D I can't wait to start making all the stuff i bought patterns for!!! Your little pouch is adorable =D I didn't order the stamps, but I wish I did...oh well :(

  2. A stamp is such a fun idea. it makes you letters more polished looking. I really should get one. I like your little pouch , it looks like it would be handy to put a lipstick into.


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