Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm a slacking...

Its been few days .. but it is that time of year.. and I have been accomplishing many things!

I wish I could post some of the things I'm making but they are gifts and will just have to wait. But some are gifts that who knows who would get them so I'll post those! teehee

I finished these up this morning. I finally found a site to get my flexi snap hinges (3.5"size) The were so easy to make. And the hinges were a snap to put in.. get it? snap.. oh boy. ok moving on...
 I used a variety of fabrics I had. Some were new stuff like Little Apples and I got some FQ's of the new Woodland..sooo soo cute! You can view it HERE from Julies shop, The Intrepid Thread.  The bigger one in the middle is the first one I made to try out sizes. I used some upholstery fabric ( I got tons of sample sizes). I decided  I wanted the pouches to be smaller. I used this tutorial HERE from The Happy Seamstress. (you ever notice the word STRESS in that word seamstress..hmm yah. lol) but anyways...I like the fabrics she used, but I didn't have anything like that one hand.. I have a purple cord fabric I'm saving back for one to embellish later for me!
I made something for my momma's birthday coming up and sure would like to post that but she reads this have to wait mom!
I'm making Zoey some little p.j's and a pair to match her little dolly I'm making her. I found this flannel at Joann's awhile back and I was going through my pattern's and found one I used to make my boys when they were littler.. so its a old pattern, at leasty early 80's circa. I'm going to leave the arm and leg bands off though. She doesn't like things around her arms, but that's ok because I don't either!
I about forgot about this.. My mom made me something, or it was suppose to be for her and she knew I liked it alot so I got it hehehe..
I think the pincushion is for naps though hahaha. As long as I don't put pins in it...
 This isn't a good picture of it but I thought it was cute because Baby was checking it out. I turned my back after taking the picture and she was laying on it.. I could probably fit her inside the pockets.
I hope everyone had a nice holiday !! State side of course. My friends across the big ponds well you just enjoy that nice warm weather! blah! : P 
Do any of you have a Kindle Fire? I'm wanting it so bad but I get scared thinking its not all that great as it sounding.. I always said I wouldn't ever get a "electronic book" as I love my real books! But they have browser's too and would love to get rid of my second computer in my sewing room! My second computer is for sale btw.. for local's.. unless you want to pay for shipping !!!  = ) 
Oh and for my Pay it Forward swap I will be sending out this coming week!!! (you know who you are !!) 

--------Cyber Monday here I come!!! ----------

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  1. You're always so busy making such fun things. I giggle at your jokes, snap!! It so lovely and warm here across the pond, I'm fanning myself to stay cool. I can just imagine Baby sitting in one of the pockets of your pincushion hanger.


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