Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas !! (lots of pictures!! of gifts!)

I been hiding lately.. but busy busy busy! I got all my gifts made except two and will probably do that this weekend.... I hope.
I have too many pictures of all my gifts to post!! These are some of them...
I will give a brief description of each, I won't go into detail..

Knife roll ups.. ( I forgot to sew the middle line on that top one but it was fixed before wrapped hehe) my own pattern.
 Lip balm cozy key chain's using This Tutorial here
 Children's play aprons using This Tutorial here
 Fabric stationery tray with hand stamped stationery by me = )     This was my mom's birthday present. She gave me the fabric with the hats on it. Noodle Head has a tutorial for the trays. I just measured the paper and remembered how to sew them up..

 A coupon wallet notebook
 Zoey's baby doll diaper bag.. ( I totally loved how this turned out! and was soooo easy!!)
I found a great tutorial for this Here !

 Fabric trays. Tutorial Here
Crayon wallets (my own pattern)

Fleece pig tail hat . Tutorial is Here

 Ear bud pouch (Easy!)  Tutorial Here ( I love this blog!!!)
 Fabric basket using old jeans. wow I can't remember where I got this one at..

Trash bins for cars..I used a milk jug cut in strips to support the opening in the front. = ) I used the tutorial Here. It called "boning" for the opening but I didn't have it.. so milk jugs was the closest thing!

 This is a Kindle case. It was made for a friends daughter... hope her daughter likes it!!

 And Zoey's dolly!!! ( I took this pic at night..eww)
 Sporting her little Christmas dress!!! One of the last things I need to sew is another dress for her!! Oh and a blankie,

I have more things I sewed up but if you are brave you can go Like me on Facebook and look at the goodies there!!! Will be putting up more later. (just click on the button for facebook on the right there)

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and safe holidays!!! My goal for the new year is to make more things for Etsy !!! I been buying new fabrics and patterns and I'm ready to sell! Well I have to make them first.. = )


  1. WOW Suzee!!!! You made tons of gifts!!! They are all so perfect =D I see my fabric trays there in the list =D I love them so much =D

    Your crayon wallets are so cute! I think you need to make a pattern to sell =D Seriously!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  2. Suzee you're amazing! Look at all those wonderful things you've made. I can sew quilts but when it come to anything 3D or with zippers I wouldn't know where to start, and you just whip them up! Zoey's doll is beautiful! Such a sweet face and I love how youve done her hair. I wonder what her name will be? Wishing you and your family the most wonderful Christmas!!


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