Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hello out there!

Wow. 10 days since my last post. I've either been hibernating or super busy.. little of both. This post is picture-less, but I promise a good read.

Hibernating as not wanting to get out in the C-C-C- Cold! and wanting to stay in my jammies all day. But actually have been quit busy. I have had Zoey more hours this week, and on days I don't I hide out in my sewing room. I tried to organize it but it didn't help. Actually I moved my computer and desk in here to make room for our Christmas tree that I probably won't get up til the last minute! (Isn't that the normal tradition?)  
I wish we could have a real one like when I was growing up. But Doug the husband is allergic to pine.. thanks Doug. = ) Actually hes allergic to about all trees. Having one in the house wouldn't work out so well. 
Lets hit memory lane.....

I must say growing up we had some doozy trees though. But when you are 8 years old or so they all look BEAUTIFUL!!! One year I think my dad and brothers pretend to go and find a good tree but went across the road and cut any tree down. We had a Charlie Brown tree that year. Even the popcorn garland weighed the limbs down. Mom told us we couldn't eat the gingerbread men cookies that she hung up on the tree until after Christmas.. Christmas night I grabbed one down , unwrapped it and it had bugs in it. EWW. I think my mom sort of re used them from last year.
But all in all I loved each and every Christmas's with my family. My brother sporting the "DYNOMITE" thermal underwear. hehehe (Remember that sitcom  Good Times? yeah that one! haha) My dad getting his very own police scanner! I was scared we would get put in jail for sure because my dad said it was illegal to have them and he told me not tell anyone we had it.. well thanks dad for scaring the tar out of me for the rest of my life! He wouldn't turn that thing off even at bedtime! So I grew accustom to it and actually had all the codes memorized. Then it got exciting one year.. my sister went with her boyfriend out of town and wasn't suppose to and I got to hear on that scanner about it! HAHA. Because my dad called the cops for a runaway report! (I won't let her live that one down) 
My favorite Christmas memory was my mom had given me and my sister a brown grocery bag FULL of home made Barbie doll clothes!!! I thought my dolls were styling! I wish I had those outfits now!
OH OH This one is for you MOMMA!!! 
Remember one year you asked for a new sewing machine or.. something like that?? I forget..but you got three.................clocks. After unwrapping the third one you calmly got up and left the room... I always thought the time reminded you to take your pill or something. ( I think she was pulling her hair out in the bathroom) But it was the thoughts that counted!!! Get it..counted.. clocks. sigh. 

Then us kids would go sledding. We lived on country roads with lots of hills!! With the ice  storms we got back then it was best for sledding! Mom and Dad just pushed us out the door and we piled up on a Volkswagen Beetle hood (turned upside down) and go amazing fast down the hill, on the road mind you.. while cars were on that same road.. right towards a bridge. Wow what fun! By time we got to the bottom some of us (me) would fall off or get pushed off (Debbie) and we had kids laying left and right of the road in the ditch's. Did I mention half the neighborhood kids went with us? 
But I can't leave out the icy slightly barely frozen ponds we went out on..Running out the door with one mitten and mixed match socks and a candy cane I can still hear my mom.. Be careful!!! I think she was a little over protective huh???
It was dark when we would come home. All the neighbor kids would walk home frozen fingers and toes. We split our ways at the "corner" 
I would walk in and my dad would be picking at his banjo, my mom would have her feet propped up on the coffee table knitting something. A fire going in the fireplace. Geez sounds like a episode of Little House on the Prairie. But all in all I love sitting back and remembering when I grew up. I didn't grow up with my own cell phone or computer.Hmm actually the push button phones were just coming out! lol  We had a dial rotary phone that hung on the wall, and the cord was so long you could go room to room with it just like a cordless! If you could get all the knots untangled out of it , you could. 
I didn't actually own my own car. I sort of did. If it actually would run. But didn't need one anyways..started dating Doug and HE had a car! 
But before a car I had horses. Yep, I had friend with horses , we would meet up town and ride all day long. That was my transportation. If I wanted to go to town , the horse or the bike.. I'm just trying to say, kids now days, have it made. But I wouldn't trade my days for any of it! 
But the other day I left my phone at home.. didn't realize it until it was way to late to turn back for it. I told myself, you can do this Sue!!! And of course I did.. and actually forgot I HAD forgotten it after I got home and it rang. oh. my phone. So I think we could live with out them.. right??? ............right?

Oh I can go on and on... I'm sure the family will get a kick out of this. maybe add to it??? 
I sure would love to relive it again too. All of us together again. Daddy, my oldest brother, my Grandma. and can't leave out our old dog Norten.... 

I'll be back soon I promise with lots of pictures of everything I've been making!!


  1. Suzee, I have loved this post!!! You've made me laugh and feel nostalgic for younger days. I hope your mom got her new sewing machine after getting all those clocks. And don't eat the gingerbread on the tree! You didn't need photos, your words conjured up wonderful images.

  2. LOL Suzee!!! That was a great post! I think I spit out my coffee laughing so hard =P

  3. That was an awesome note down memory lane!!! I laughed about it all! I just mentioned about moms clocks just yesterday! Too funny! Good memories! but who was the sister that was heard on the scanner??? the runaway? LOL!
    NORTEN!! I must of been to young to remember the gingerbread tree.. LOL! I remember the ice skating on our pond! And a little pond down the road that I froze my toes at!!
    That is an awesome post! LOVE IT!, and you:)
    And I, Debbie is the anonymous, couldnt figure out how to do anyother..LOL


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