Thursday, December 1, 2011

BEWARE...LOTS Of pics!!!

Sent and received!
I finished up my Pay it Forward gift and sent it out this week and Becky from Being Me Again received it and happy !!! I always wonder what to make for people I don't know well and end up making something I like and hoping they do too! You can go to her site and check out the goodies I made her! If you want to join in to receive something made from her just post a comment! ( the first three comments will get something)

So did everyone get a lot of goodies this past weekend from all the yummy Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales??? I bought myself my own Christmas, as me and Doug usually does, its easier that way and we get what we want! We end up getting stocking stuffers for each other too.

I got a few pictures to post and not sure where to start....

hmmmm....I'll start with a package from Sasha . She has been busy busy whipping (and knitting) out these adorable mitts! This is the second pair she made for me. The first pair was a surprise! But when my daughter in law saw them she wanted some so Sasha was kind to make her a pair too! The yarn is a borrowed item. Its going to be dolly hair for Zoeys dolly.. and I've made progress! (more pictures on that below!)
 These little magnets are soo cute and she made them in some of my favorite fabric!  She knew I love orange too!
 Ok here is the dolly.. I have yet to name her.. I want to let Zoey do that I guess. I'm thought of UMM.. as from Alice in Wonderland movie, and Zoey is always saying it.She went into the bathroom (off limits) and I said what are you doing in there??? Umm. lol I think my water bill will be higher this month too. She loves to flush.. what is it with toddlers and that???

The dolly has new jammies!!! I'm making a pair to match for Zoey too = ) I will work on her hair this week! (thanks Sasha for not letting my little dolly be bald!)

My next item on the board..I feel like a auctioneer.....

My mom gave me a little travel neck pillow a few years ago and I have used it alot! (but it's never in the car! hehe)
I took a pattern off of it and voila! I made jelly beans!!! No,, those are pillows!!! They do look like jelly beans???
I just used some flannel I had handy. I notice I have alot of fabric with cats, but no dogs.. hmmmm
I made 3 of them last night then I let Zoey stuff a couple today.

 I couldn't get a good picture of her doing that, she kept wanting to grab the camera before I could take it.. I was holding the pillow open here for her. She loves the stuffing out of pillows btw.. That brown pillow below is open at both ends.. she will pull hand ful's out and hold it while sucking her thumb.. it is sortof cute = ) but she leaves a trail of "fuzzies" When I pulled that big bag of stuffing out her eyes went LARGE. But she was a good helper and stuffed the pillows , then pulled it back out...sigh. OH see the pink pillow on the floor.. thats the one my mom made me lol...
 Ok moving on....
I get alot of orders from one certain customer for football items.. Here is a pair of flannel Colts jammie pants..and a little pair of Packers for her grand cute!
But she tells me she wants Steelers now as they could go to Superbowl.. I think she needs to decide who she is rooting for .......(just kidding Donitta!)
You can't tell on the pants there are pockets and she wanted the drawstring instead of elastic..
You tired yet??? sorry I'm ALMOST done! If I don't post these tonight I will forget them.
I made a sample wallet up for ...oops almost said! for a gift.. I wanted the checkbook and/or a small notebook to insert sideways down instead of the traditional way. and a lot of room for cards, or receipts and a pen !
I made another one but.. hmm we won't go there. I put a elastic and button closure on it and I just can't deal with those or is it just me?? So instead I put a velcro closure. Like much better! I sort of did it in a rush and didn't match up the threads very well ..yes I'm a myself criticizer .. the worse kind. But I do like this and hopefully get another one done for a gift. 
(note. I always use my older fabric for samples. and have tons of the brown paisleys as I love too!) I can't wait to do this in the fabric I picked out!

Is this lady ever going to stop???? I promise last ones!
I made little old  ole' me something!
I took scrap of paper (tons of it ) and stamped me up some little note and thank you notes! I bought the Just a little note stamp at Joanns awhile ago, and the flowers I received from swaps or bought somewhere , maybe Targets?? (love those dollar bins!!! ) and the bottom stamp with my name on it I got free from Vista prints.. I love that site! you can alot of free stuff there! They get my business .......a....... lot.
Well I'm done! I actually went back to see if I did have more to add..But I'm tired of typing lol
And what have you all been up to lately??? I'm slowly and at a good rate I must say checking off my gift list!
I'm actually going to get out and shop in the real stores tomorrow! I stayed in all weekend and I think its safe to venture out and not get shot or pepper sprayed! OH and there is a great deal on Connecting Threads. Thread for 40% off all December! I grabbed me a couple of sets!!!
Have fun!
I'm sorry if there are typo's I did not proof read it as I'm too tired to re read it .... : P


  1. Look at the dolly in her new jammies!!! She looks so cute =D I can't wait to see Zoey's matching pair!!!
    LOL! I love that Zoey tries to help you with your projects and then pulls the stuffing back out hehehehe!!!! She's too cute!!!
    You have been sewing like crazy! I love your little notes sets! You're going to be ready for Christmas in no time!!!

  2. You are such a busy bee!! Lucky you have Zoey to help you. I love Dolly's Pj's, the fabric is so cute. Great Jelly Bean cushions, I think thats a fun name!!


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