Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winner!!! and beware men, graphic pictures!!!

It is comment 2!! I tried to put the Random thing on the blog and it didn't work again, or I just don't know what I'm doing..but our winner is Sasha!!!  So Sasha I already have your address and will get the planner out to you asap! I hope you enjoy your new planner and it makes your life very organized!!! lol I will get a tutorial of this planner on my tute page .. soon.. but most likely later soon.
= (((

I want to thank everyone that entered a big thank you !!! And of course all of you that follow me!!!

I made my list of things to make for Christmas gifts.. oh my goodness.. It fill's each line of a page of paper!! and started on the back!!  So I told myself that every day I will go into my sewing room and BE PRODUCTIVE!!! Even if its 1 am .. well maybe lol

OHH I made a few things on my list too!!

I made a few of these Posey Pouches from Sasha tutorial!! (link above!) I love making these. I made them in a variety of fabrics,, I think I like the creamy vinyl best!! Then the flowered ones!!

These will be for my nieces. I will have to make more because.. I have alot of nieces.. I'm into great nieces now!! But they aren't old enough for these yet.. thank goodness. I'll  make them cute little dolls or something = )
I think I'm safe to show these on here as I don't even think they read this.. but if they do.. oh well! SURPRISE!
I had a idea.. I'm going to wrap each one and not label who they go to, then just hand them out to them, so that way I won't get blamed, because Aunt Sue gave you the one I want!!! ( three will be sisters.. oh boy)
And I will be putting little items in each bag !! I been getting some freebies with coupons.. of course!! I'm not a extreme coupon-er. but I do get a lot of nice freebies with them!! just not .. extreme...
A few of the items will include fingernail polish, nail clippers,eye liner, etc..

And,, don't laugh hehehe I made this today!!! I have to tweak it a little but its a tampon wallet.. My men readers.. graphic pictures!!           giggle
 I want to bring the front flap down to enclose the front pocket..
It can hold up to 3 and a couple of pantie liners. Or a debit card or cash if you just want to take it and put it in your pocket and not carry a big purse!! Me smart or what??       Just nod yes.
I will make one for each Posey pouch. I also want to make a tissue holder for each too.

Ok.. thats all folks..its late, and I did say it would be late posting this.. I had Zoey today. I am a full time grandma and proud of it!!
She got a sucker for pee-peeing in the potty!!!
(Maybe I should of cropped this one )

Has everyone started their gift sewing yet??? 


  1. YAY!!! I can't wait to get the planner!! Thanks Suzee!!! I'll let you know if it makes me more organized lol! I'm loving all of the posey pouches and your nieces are going to love them too. I just know it =D I just loved Zoey's little outfit. She is so dang cute =D

  2. Yippee for Sasha!! She deserves to win your planner. Your pouches are wonderful, especially in vinyl. Clever Zoey!!


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