Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Item's checked off my list!

I finished these up !!!  This are the projects I was working on, and now I can check another item off THE list!
 I used this tutorial HERE from i heart linen. If anyone has her books, I'm jealous. But on my list to buy!!!
 For some reason I got the linen pieces switched around on two of them.

 I sewn a outline around one of them but decided they looked better without. But only did it to not have to hand sew the seam down! Ended up hand sewing them..and all the corners. If you know me at all, I have one numb finger. Not fully numb but enough to bother me with hand sewing. Its the reason I can't cross stitch any more .. what I loved doing before sewing!

 I put some items in to show you how little these are.. so cute! 
Huh.. I wonder where I lost my marbles...
These little cuties are going to be gifts for friends for Christmas, and I think my mom wants a couple of them for her quilting friends. I hope I end up with one!!! 

Have to put the doll on the back table for now. Hmm wonder whats on my list next!!!

OH if you don't know who Keyka lou is then shame on you! hehe She is having a sale on her patterns! $5!!!!
From her Pattern Store here and from her Etsy shop. Not sure how long this is going on for but go get ya some cute things to make! ( Of course I bought some!) And you can sell items made from these patterns!
Have a great weekend! I know its only Wednesday but never know when I'll be back! Ok, have a great week!


  1. Those sewing kits are adorable!!! and such awesome gifts!! They're so sweet all lined up in rows.

  2. I love them!!! Oh my gosh they are cute!!! Are they hard to make? Did you buy the snap kit to put the snaps on? I've never used them before.


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