Sunday, November 13, 2011

More projects started!

Geez I'm on a roll of crafting and blogging here. You just never know when I will pop up!

First here is a sneak peek of something I started. Is it a quilt? Nope. (yeah right , me make AND finish a quilt??) Is it a wall hanging..nope, mug rugs? double nope. I'll keep you in suspense ..giggle.  If you guess you win a email from me how's that!? lol!

Sorry for the clash of colors with the background. My sewing table was a mess and the bed was the biggest thing cleaned off! I have been saving swatch's that I get from buying fabric from Julie's shop but not sure if there are any on these.. I made some other using a couple of pieces she sent me with my last order but can't show you as, well its finished!
I think this is the first time I've pieced fabric together like this! Maybe a quilt could be in the future.. distant future.
Some of the swatch pieces are from a giveaway I won from Rachael from Blue Mountain Daisy back in May..I believe? My favorite are the little elephants! There are linen pieces there too. Ok enough of this , I go on and on for just one little picture. But hopefully I'll have these finished up. They are going to be gifts !! And maybe for my Pay it Forward swap person that signed up. = ) I have to do some minor hand stitching to finish these up, that might take longer!

Ok last thing I want to share is a little doll I'm making for my little Zoey. I'm using this Tutorial from Quaint and Quirky . She even has a doll pattern to download! cute cute cute!

This is the beginning process. She's alittle in the buff right now but more follow ups later on her.  I put zig zag tights on her for her legs instead of flesh tone. The hair is next.. Of course I'm matching it with Zoey's wild hair!!

Will post her updates later in the week!! 


  1. You made me giggle with your teasing post. I wonder what they will be... I love the little doll you're making. It'll be fun making little clothes for her.

  2. Could they be needlecases?? or even the beginings of a tote??

  3. You have been busy!!! Are they more notebook covers? I can't wait to see the doll all finished up!!! I love her little striped legs =D

  4. I am sharing that Garland Pillow tutorial today, I hope you stop by!!


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