Monday, October 24, 2011

Give away!!! NOW CLOSED

This give away is closed!

Ok I got it finished!! I have a nice little give away gift for one lucky person that follows my blog =)
My blog birthday (one year anniversary) is Nov. 4th. When I started this I just wanted to record my craft projects. I never knew how blogging worked and saw you could follow others and put comments on and everything! I totally go addicted! I follow over 150 blogs.. Lost count after that...
I never intended to have people follow me but its nice to see people interested in what I make!! and jabber on about......
I thought I would give away a nice present for one person and I wish I could make one for everyone that follows! I probably will get a tutorial up for those that would want one?? For this!!
 I made a 2012 planner cover with planner included. I used the Little Apple's fabric line for the whole thing.
 I added pockets on the inside flaps, I wanted to get the trees up farther so you could see the little squirrels and turtles but didn't work out after I put the pockets on , my bad.
 I made a bookmark because those are always handy to have!!
 The planner I purchased at the Dollar Store, it just has the main stuff, weekly pages, and monthly pages, with a notes page. Also has address sections and information pages like conversion charts on the back.

I was going to put a pen pocket on the outside..and forgot.. I got all excited about the bookmark !!! But you can put one inside one of the pockets or it will fit tight on the velcro  closure tab when closed.
This is a standard little planner so any will do to trade them out if wanted or for new one the next years..
So here we go,, of course you have to be a follower! Because I made this for you!!
You can follow me by email or RSS or Google or whatever else there is to follow from, just let me know how you follow .  Thank you!
Just one comment please and if you comment anonymously please add a name for goodness sakes!! And email ! But of course if I know ya then that won't be hard to track ya down..
I will also throw a pen or pencil of your liking into the pot. I have many to choose from!! I will let the winner know what types I have.

This will stay open through  Monday Oct 31st. and announce winner the 3rd of Nov. =)
Its open to anyone , international as well. And new followers!

Ok,, another Zoey sighting!!

 We did the Spiderman tattoo bandages. If you notice on my arm, she was practicing real inking.
Thank you everyone for reading my blog!!  


  1. Happy upcoming blog anniversary!! I love the planner cover/planner. Please enter me in the giveaway. That's a cute Zoey sighting!! I enjoy reading your blog and follow on google.
    Rose C

  2. LOL Suzee! I was going to ask you what the heck happened to your arm, but then I saw that it was just Zoey's artwork!!! She is such a cutie!!!

  3. What a sweet planner. The little apples fabric is soooo cute, but not as cute as Zoey bug!I love reading your blog!! You always make me smile!! Happy Bloggiversary!!

  4. I love your planer - please count me in!
    I've just found some Little Apples, it should be here any day now!
    I follow you through google
    Happy Blogaversary for Nov 4th!

  5. I'm following via GFC of course :) The organiser is so cute! Spiderman, eh? Good taste that girl has, he's one of my favourite superheroes. Him and Batman would have to duke it out for top spot I think. ^_^

    kate1485 at

  6. Hi Suzee! I LOVE this planner cover, what a cute idea!! dishkitty AT gmail DOT com


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