Friday, October 28, 2011

My Planner

I don't remember ever , EVER using so many notes and reminders to myself in all my life!! In the last two years I have to write everything !! down or it will slip my mind completely. I always use to keep everything I had to do stored in my pea brain , but nope not anymore.. I have a notebook for my car I hang up on the vent for all the stops I have to make..My computer screen is bordered with tiny posty notes..and I have a big dry erase board on my refrigerator.  I think I remember hehehe, no pun there, that reading about as you grow older your brain cells die off. I'm IN BIG TROUBLE!! I had very few to start with!!!eeeks

But anyways I have always loved office supplies!!! planners, paper products and pens, post it notes,, etc. I'm so glad my sister works at the Staples warehouse!!!
Last year I made my own planner instead of buying the expensive refills.. one year I actually just bought a notebook and wrote it page by page, it got boring.. or someone would grab the notebook and use it for their own liking.

I made my own pages this year. I used a few different one's from blogs this past year. I like the half size planner the best. And I like to refill and move the pages if I wanted to. Staples has the half size binders and they are very durable.
Here are the pages I made..
 I was wondering if anyone would like a copy of these pages to use?? I print them out two on one full page then flip the page and print two of the second page , then I cut the middles. Make sense? I can email the pages to you if you like!! I  made these using Photoscape!!! The lines look like stitches, you can't see it well here. And don't look at the mistake I made , I punched holes on the wrong sides.. oh dear.

 See my last year pages?? I have the pocket dividers in the back and tabs inside as well.
I add a memo clip on the top of this weeks page. This is a page from last year I had been using. You can view about that one HERE from my blog. There are links to download those too if wanted from Sofiasworld.

You can still have a chance to win my planner I made!!! well the cover for the planner I made.. but it comes with a store bought planner!  Go RIGHT HERE!!! for my give away!!
Parting words.. my son was driving home from work a few mornings ago and he was looking out at a field of wild turkeys. I cringe when I see those birds! Word of experience here!! haha..but one decided they had to comment suicide flying right into his windshield! SPLAT. yep he was mad. 250$ worth of damage to his windshield.
I guess that turkey was wanting to go out of style instead of in the oven!


  1. I downloaded Photoscape and was playing around with it a little this morning!!! I gave one of the cats some long flowing hair and glasses hehehe!!! I wonder if I would be more organized if I used a planner...hmmmmm

  2. You're so good for making your own planner pages! Id like to make my own calendar. I'm glad your son is okay! Fancy having a turkey run into you!

  3. Hi!
    I know you posted this a few years back but I LOVE what you did! You mention that if I comment, you'll email me a copy of the half paged version. Can you do that please? My email is

    I started a blog about my journey to financial freedom. Im doing a year long spending freeze where I only pay for necessities in order to pay off student loans. Check it out if youre interested. Being able to make my own planner would save me money for sure!


  4. i love ths idea. could you email me a copy of the half pages, please.


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