Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tutorial! And something my Momma gave me

This is a small tutorial for a folder for a personal size Filofax =0)

A couple of peeps wanted a tutorial for this little thing so here ya go...

You will need a small plastic folder thingy from Staples, or if you are lucky to find one similar to this one with a plastic snap..
I found mine in the clearance bins for .50cents!

 1. First you will be disassembling it by cutting it up.
(ignore the markings for my holes. We will get to that later)
 2. On the side seams there are folds, just cut down
the middle of the folds on each each and the bottom .

 3. You will have 2 pieces with some ugly sides..
 4. Just trim the ugly parts off along the seams, and you will have 2 pieces like this.
 5. Now take one of your inserts and center it inside
with the long edge up at the top of the folder and you will need to trim the sides and bottom edges off. You can tape the insert inside down so it won't shift around.
( again ignore my holes punched.)

 Now you will have a nice trimmed up folder.
 NOW we can punch holes!!
6.  You can tape the paper down if you like to the folder piece or go for it with out if you have a steady hand. I would advise to use a hand hole puncher. The plastic is sort of tough to punch through, just put some elbow grease into it..

 7. Insert your folder inside your binder and put your papers in between

 Now you have a cute little folder to tuck your paper inserts inside and they won't flop around as you try to get your cash or whatever out.
Let me know if you have any questions about this.

 Ok on to sewing stuffs....
I said my Momma made me something...
I went to her house the other day and she had a few of these pretty pouches laid out.. She told me to pick one..yay!
 I tucked some goodies inside.. my needles, a extra seam ripper ( buy them by groups now. I swear I have a seam ripper bandit inside my sewing room)  and I put my marking pencil refills inside as well.
 Later on I want to sort all my sewing machine needles in size groupings. I have a habit of taking one out and sticking it in my pincushion then forget what size it is.. or if its a good or bad one..

How was your weekend?



  1. I've never used a Filofax as a wallet, but that little folder thing is a brilliant idea! I also love your plastic cover thing with some nice stitches in your previous post. It's fun to look at other people customizing their organisers in their own ways :)

    1. Thank you =0)
      I might make some more of those stitched pockets for my Personal Holborn. I'm getting a new sewing machine and it has tons of new stitches I can play with to make some ..

  2. That's a great tutorial! Your Mom is a gem making you a needles case, that will be so handy!!

  3. This is such a great little tutorial!!!! your little Filofaxes are looking so cute :D
    I really think you need to tie a string to your seam ripper and attach it to your desk!!!!!!!!
    I love the needle case your mom gave you!

  4. That folder idea is brilliant! Definitely going to try that!

  5. OOOH and AAAHHHHH! I am in search of a plastic thing to use for this project! SO cute and useful!


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