Friday, November 2, 2012

Get out of your email or reader and go look at my blog!

I have my new blog look.. finally!! I been wanting to do this foooorrr eeevvverrrr!!!!  I love it! Now I can come to my blog and not say..eww.  I will probably do more postings now!! 
I ordered some matching business cards too. And all my social buttons work! lol 
So just wanting to let you all know and to go see for yourself!!!! 
Kim from 733blog did a amazing job. You give her some ideas and she works her wonders.. 
Thank you Kim!


  1. I LOOOOOOOVE the new look =D It's so bright and happy =D

  2. Ooh it's so lovely and bright and fun!! I love your signature with the kisses that look like stitches.

  3. I love the polka dots. Very fresh.


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