Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stamping it up

I always loved rubber stamps, the littler and cuter the better .. I bought some erasers and tools probably a couple of years ago to try it out.. I tried it... I messed it .. so I put it away until I saw some on a new blog I'm following.  
( Go HERE to see Sachiko's cuteness!)
So.. I dragged it all back out and failed again... lol 
I can usually craft just about anything, so this bothered me that I couldn't work this out..One thing I can't do is draw, even my stick people look a little on the thin side.. and one thing you need to know a little bit for stamping is knowing how to draw. 
I went to Youtube to check out some pros at carving on the erasers. So I made a simple heart and took my time. I got all excited when it was finished that my heart wasnt broken.. or limp... and it actually was curved!!!
Long story short and 3 days later I ended up with these..

There is my little heart and a fat cloud and what was suppose to be a apple looks more like a cherry.. so eh.. whatever .... 
I made the little squares for little lists on post it notes.. Which the same blog as above uses her's for.. so I had to steal her idea..  you can see how she uses them HERE , down towards the bottom.
All left to do is glue them on a piece of wood to give me something to hold when I use them.
Oh.. I ordered me self a new sewing machine and got that today.. I got the Janome model 8077. I sewn something up tonight and love it!!! My Singer machine will go to the shop to get surgery.. and will be used for a backup or something.. Its still a good little machine.. My bobbin winder on it was sticking so back after I would wind a bobbin it would set and whirl when I tried to go back to sewing.. blah...
Have a good weekend!

P.S... I received my new Pink Domino Filofax yesterday..hehehe.... shhhh don't tell Sasha 


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  1. You are in so much trouble Suzee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all =P hehehehehe


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