Friday, November 9, 2012

Pic heavy post!! Sewing and Filofaxing

I have a lot of photos to show you.. Its been a long busy week , or it seems like it.. Either been sitting at the sewing machine or sitting in the drivers seat or chasing Zoey.... I grabbed my coffee and my laptop and flopped my butt down in my recliner and not moving for awhile.. so thought I would get this post out...

First for my sewing crafty friends here is my sneaky peek of what I did sew up.. some gifts , yep they are towels...but you can't see what I did to them..hehehehe..will have to wait...
I also made some flaps for a gun belt.. the clips slide down inside. The cheap little elastic things weren't working to keep the ammo clips down inside very well... so I made some custom flaps for them

Now some Filofax stuffs...
I received my newest Filofax hehe.. the Holborn personal. One of these days I will learn all the names!
I love incorporating my sewing skills with my Filofax's. I have some other things I want to try out but this is one of the ideas I had to try out first... 
As using my Holborn personal I love that my pens stays put in the little pen holder. But one pen? NO, I need more then one.. I need color choices..
I had this idea of a pen holder pocket that I did try out.. not bad, maybe show it another day. It used up too much space though.
So anywho...I  go to looking at the flap and wondered if I could make something to slide over it.. no it wouldn't look right... then I looked down and saw my solution.. the pocket on the inside front.  

 This is all it is.. cardboard, of course I will pretty it up with fabric another day  lol or maybe scrapping paper.. I taped my elastic on so when I was sewing it down it wouldn't shift..

 ( shhhh , lets not tell the postal service I cut up their box before use)
 Then I just slide the card board inside my pocket. I thought sewing through the card board would be a hassle but my machine chomped right through lol
 Another little thing I made. I used a report cover .. those plastic covers.. cut it down to size and sewed the sides together. I added a decorated stitch on the bottom... = 0)
That is Zoey's art work btw...she loves her pens and paper just like her gramma.. I just have to keep her out of my good stuff!!!
 Isn't this pretty?
 And of course I have to show my kid off in the pocket.... I use this page to put a post it note for my things to do for the next day.. (not shown because I did all my things today!!) See my new FF keeps me very organized!!
I will be doing a layout post soon.. I'm just not ready for that yet.. I'm waiting on my laminating machine I ordered. I want to make my new dividers and show them off soon..I made some out of scrapping paper and with tabs and will laminate them. I also bought a label maker ! lol Well, because I have to make new labels to go on my new tabs!! 

I noticed some of my newer followers just follow Filofax peeps.. Should I do a separate post from my sewing posts? Or just keep it all blobbed together??? 
Have a good weekend! 
Since Veteran's day is coming up.. thank a solider !!! I do every time I see one.. oh that is my hubby .lol.... but if I see one out in uniform I will say thank you.. 
I'll show you what my momma made for me next post!!! 



  1. You are so crafty!!!!! I love your little pen insert for the Filofax. I say blob all the posts together!!! give Zoey a hug and kiss kiss from me!!! I'll try to remember to send you a new kitty video for her to watch =D

  2. Why do you need to carry ammo clips? Do you live in Kabul or some other war zone?

    1. lol , we are just shooters for fun,,, my hubby and I both shoot.paper targets, clay pigeons, cans, that sort. its easier to carry your ammo with you then to keep going back to the car to load.. its a American thing????

  3. I think its interesting if you keep all the sewing and filofax things together. I would never have learnt about all this interesting filofax info if you didn't. I'm curious to see your towels and see what your mum made you.


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