Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My wallet!

I been working on a design for a wallet and finally got it done! I made many MANY wallets and none did it for me. Either too big or too many flaps. So I made it for me in mind. And I made two of them today and put in Etsy!! =)

You can check them out on the right over there ------>

And you can see them here too..


I'm finally using some of my fabric I've been afraid to cut up! This will hold my checkbook and / or receipts in the front pocket and your money in the zipper part.. with a smaller pocket to hold your debit/credit cards.
As you can see I have very little money to put in mine! I had to scrape that little bit up from the floor from when Zoey plays with her money.

I want to make some more Kindle cover's next week.

So.. have you noticed anything different or better with this post??? Like pictures!!!

Aren't they nice and clear and perty!??? I made me a light box and it does help!

I'll take you behind the scenes another time! I'm sort of , kind of wordless today.. so making it a night and curl up on the couch ..


  1. ADORABLE!!!!!! You did a really great job on those Suzee!!! And your pictures do look so nice with the light box!! Go you!!!!!

  2. I love your new header!! So Stylish!! As are your wallets! They're so pretty. Great photos too, I'm so impressed you made a light box!


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