Monday, March 5, 2012

Hi ya..

Just a short note to say I my Etsy store! I made me a photo light box (I'll do a post on that another day!) and borrowed a better camera then I had and got things moving...
If you are reading this in your email or reader here is the Link  to take a gander what I made! Or go over and click on the widget on the right there on my page.
I'm making Kindle and Nook covers . I had a custom order request for one and thought why not make some up and see how they do?
I have more things to list but this is what I got done today.. Thats a lot of work writing all that stuff up, taking measurements, uploading pictures..ugh. But hope its all worth it!

I do offer free shipping within the states on everything right now.. and very very low rates international.
Hope everyone is in good health and doing well!

Also I'm still working on a new header for the page.. I'm having a time with getting it centered on the full layout.. I'm tempted to go pay for one! lol


  1. You're a busy bee!!! Your light box sounds great, so professional. I can just imagine all the little things that you have to do to put something in your etsy shop, all the measuring, writing things about each thing etc I wish you many happy sales!!

  2. YAY!! Go Suzee go!!!! I hope you have lots and lots of sales =D


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