Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm here!

10 days without a post.. eeeks. Well I have a good reason. Been sewing.. some, but mostly Zoey has been keeping me company .. lol (I will get her sewing like a pro in no time though!)

I made a few clothes for her getting my start on summer outfits. I wasn't going to start until April but I'm trying out some different outfits to see what I want to make a bunch in...

I made this cute thing from a old long sleeve shirt I had thrown into the donate pile, but dug it back out. I used the bottom of the shirt to keep the hem (its raveled a bit and I liked that look) then I added the applique.
I made her some shorts and have two dresses cut out but no pictures yet of those.

I finished another Kindle Cover tonight. I listed it on my Etsy. I have been lucky in selling these. They are fast to put together too, which is a plus in my book!

I used fabric from Bee My Honey by Jenni Calo. I love this fabric! Can you see the detail stitching on the pockets??
I used the pattern from Birdiful Stitches . It comes with all the sizes you could need to make any size reader covers! I did make my own pattern at first but needed the sizes for all of them and just went with this! I hate figuring out stuff! and  I support my fellow crafter's!!! =)

There is one certain fellow crafter and I call her my VERY good crafty  friend (that lives too far away ..sad face ) that keeps me smiling.. Sasha from StitchedbySasha keeps sending me goodies!!! I did not take a picture , but she sent me a large envelope stuffed with scraps! I grinned ear to ear with some of these lovely pieces!!! I will be busy making Zoey some new soft alphabet magnets with these! Thank you so much Sasha! Keep saving those scraps! hehehe

Update on my baby chicken from last post.. There is just the one that lived. She thinks I'm her momma, and I have a chicken following me all over the yard. If you could see me outside I'll be walking Zoey , my dog, and a chicken !! geeez My cat follows behind slowly lol  We call the chicken Bird. She follows Zoey around too, and jumps up on her lap lol .. its so cute.
That is all for now...

I hope everyone is doing well !!! TAke care!

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  1. I love Zoey's new skirt!! You have to show a picture of her modeling it =D
    The Kindle covers are amazing!! They'll sell like hotcakes!! I'm glad you liked your scraps =D The ziploc back that they were in was so stuffed, so I'm sure they are happy to have a little more breathing room LOL!!!
    Give that baby chick a peck for me =P


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