Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I'm shocked so many people are signing up for my give away and its awesome!! I thank you , thank you , thank you!!! And a big THANK YOU if you are new to following me!!
I am going through all the comments and reading each and every one! I will answer each one, I promise!! 

I love to sew about anything.. my passion is bags, wallets,pouches..,etc... and little items.. I sew clothes for my 3 year old grand daughter, Zoey. She loves Gramma making her things!
And as a matter of fact I finally finished a fleece jacket she wanted sooooooooooo much and it HAD to be Spongebob "Kool Kants" !!!! I had some trouble with the collar and ended up doing it my way and threw the pattern instructions down LOL.. 
here is the jacket...
It looks big here but its a 3-4T  

I like the back.. I put some elastic through the back .

The one thing she wanted special was "secret pockets" and she said it in a whisper lol So I added one on each inside behind the front pockets..
We are still having some cool mornings and evening.. (Indiana) and I made this a little big so she will be able to wear it a couple of years!

I cut out the fabrics for the second pencil pouch I promised to make to go with the pencil set in the Give Away!

My next bigger projects are summer clothes for Zoey.... I hope I get them done before summer is over!! 



  1. Cute fabrics for the pencil case. So far I've avoided making clothes, guess I need to remember that it's just fabric and I can always get more if I mess it up.

  2. I bet Zoey LOVES her new jacket!!!!!! The secret pockets are awesome =D
    Your second pencil pouch is going to be as cute as your first!!!!
    I hope lots more enter your giveaway!!!!

  3. WOW!!! Zoey is so lucky!!! My husband's nephew loves Spongebob as well :) I wonder what Zoey is planning to keep in her secret pockets...hehe :p I like those fabrics- it's going to be a lovely pencil case!!


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