Monday, May 27, 2013

Its been a while...

First I want to say Thank You to all the Veteran's past , present and future..

Its been a while since last post.. but I have been sewing!

I'll throw some pictures up for ya..

I made a little guitar pick holder.. I saw this on Pinterest or some web site and just wanted to try it out.. My son , brother and youngest sister all play guitars.. I'm not musically talented. I tried in school but wasn't for me..

I am making a few iPhone case pouch's for Etsy.. I have some cut
out and hoping to get those finished later in the week..I made this
black one with fusible fleece and thought it would be too thick since my friend that wanted it has a cover on her phone.. IT FIT! so she took it.. and also took the second one lol

                                                                 This second one was made with just heavy  interfacing. ( forgot to sew the clasp on top so its hanging down but its been fixed! )
 I have this one next to sew.. The kids like the zebra pattern's and of course in pink!!!  If you like your own pattern for this you can get it here at ProjectsbyJane ! ( or if you want me to make you a custom one I can do that too! lol)
I will have some loaded on Etsy soon...

 I made a bag! FOR ME! My birthday   is coming up soon and I made this for myself.. I wanted to take a pic outside but by time I got home this afternoon it was raining.. I will take better ones soon! I love this bag! Its a pattern by Bari J. You can find her patterns HERE .

 Ok remember the pencil pouchs from the giveaway? I made a few more.. I was playing around with sizes and the blue one made from Sew Stitchy is a bit skinner then the other two.. I didn't like it so went back to regular size..

I have time for one more photo..
My precious Zoey Bug.. she is modeling a dress I made her in some of her favorite fabric I been hoarding just for her..If my memory is correct this is Out to Sea by Michael Miller.. I'm very bad with remember fabric lines and names.. 
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend !!! 
Hoping to get some more sewing done this week!



  1. Everything is so cute!!! I'm seriously in love with the dress you made for Zoey. She looks like a princess =D

  2. You have been busy, the dress and model are both adorable :)

  3. You make such fun things! A guitar pick holder is such a good idea. I love your bag, good on you for making something for yourself! The dress for Zoey is the cutest, I bet she loves wearing it!

  4. They are all so nice!! I really like the blue/green floral fabric you used for the iPhone case :) Zoey is super cute and her dress is looking gorgeous!!


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