Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello! Ready for a giveaway...........????

I been trying to get my crap together..this that and more.. my sewing room is a mess..again.. and I have been  doing a organizing cleaning .. Trips to the recycle store.. to the trash.. and resorting.. and I can't tell! lol
but I busted my bum to get something together for Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!!! I get so excited every year for this! The first year I entered for these was about 3 years ago and I won several things! The next year  not so much.. and then last year......nothing lol But I still love them.. I find new craft blogs to follow and new friends as well! Thats always fun! It starts tomorrow but I will give you a peek at what I'm going to give away.. because I will join in the giveaways this year! yay! 
I noticed I have my sewing followers and I have some Filofax peeps.. So I will be fair to you all and explain in the giveaway post tomorrow.. But these are some of the goodies I'm entering to giveaway! 
yes I made that..

For my Filofax, paper / planner lovers I will have something too.. will just have to read tomorrow !! But this little pouch can be used for pencils too!!!  ( do you see the cute little strawberry on the zipper pull!)

My focus this month is to get my blog in order .. post more and get some things on Etsy.. I think I said that a few months back.. but life goes on different curves and you just have to do what ya can... 
See ya tomorrow!  



  1. If your giveaway is open internationally, I will enter it for sure! I haven't taken pics of my fabric yet. Been so busy.

  2. Giveaway day is so much fun, that's how I met you all those years ago. :)


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