Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Squeezable bears and kittys!

Here they are!
I have made 2 big bears, one little bear and two cats. My little bear eyes are looking a little weird I think LOL
I wanted to use fleece in the big bears to give them some character.. and their clothes look like jammies!!!
Of course Zoey saw these and demanded for me to make her some lol and of course Gramma says yes mam.

All the eyes and some nose's are buttons from the shirts themselves. On the bigger bears I took bigger buttons and laid the smaller ones inside..
the front of the bellies I took the front part of the shirts that button up and sewed it up the front of the bellies to make it look like a buttoned up top! I thought about adding a small pocket but would of been too little. 
Don't you love their fat bellies!!! And they are so soft and squeezable!!! 
I used my new labels I ordered from gutenTAGs on Etsy. I love them!!! I got two sizes and both are made to fold over and sew in. One side has Applehead Threads and the underside says by Suzee Neal made in usa..

 The patterns for these critters come from CreateJoyMakeStuff on Etsy!!! They are so cute!

I have one more thing I'm making with the left over shirts.. but its a secret!!! I'll be sending these out soon because it will take a bit longer to finish the secret thing up... or things??? I'm trying to make use of every bit I can.. any ideas what to do with the cuffs of shirts????



  1. I love all these shirt bears and kitties. Using shirts is such a great idea and I love the way you are incorporating the buttons at the front and eyes. So cute!!!

  2. Oh Suzee!!!! These are precious!!!! You did an awesome job and your tabs look great =D
    You could use the cuffs of the shirts to make coffee sleeves.

  3. Oh, my God!! They are gorgeous, Suzee!! My favourite one is the cat in the middle, the one with the pink belly and ears :) Your new labels look awesome as well!

    1. Thanks Sachiko! I had fun making them! that cat is so cute huh?? =)

  4. Suzee, you have outdone yourself!! I am in LOVE with the flannel kitty!!! I really want one! Let me know if you can make me one & how much. As for the cuffs - what about Christmas ornaments? That might be nice since these are memory items. Maybe a little stuffed flannel heart shape with a ribbon for hanging?


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