Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I just wanna be.....

Yourrrr Teddy Bear!!!! 
(got that song stuck in my head since making these!)

I been making teddy bears!!! 
Some good friends gave me some flannel shirts to make some "In memory of " things for a loved one that past on.. 
They requested a teddy bear and cat made out of these.. I made one out of some fleece I had for a sample.. Since it is red I was going to give it to Zoey for Valentine's Day . BUT......stupid me forgot to put it away and she saw it first thing laying on the rocker.. great. lol Her eyes lite up and she said.. OHHH MY GOSH! IS THIS FOR ME????? lol so of course I said.........yes. She hugged it tight and stuck her thumb in her mouth and laid down with it ... lol
So here it is...
Its a whopping 16" tall... has a big fat belly and a little smile =) I found the pattern from HERE  on howjoyful. Its a free tutorial!!! I forgot to sew on the eyes before I stuffed it so they look a bit weird I think lol
Zoey says its a GIRL bear.. I said well of course.. she has not named her yet...
I have one another one in flannel sewn up without a  head on my sewing table and will be posting it soon. I have some other things I want to make out of the shirts for surprises = )

OHHH I finally ordered new sewing labels and received those in the mail today!!! 
I ordered them from GutenTAGs  on Etsy...She works on them super fast and in the mail super fast!!! I ordered them on the 11th and got them in my hands the 15th. Can't wait to see them in my projects! I had told her to put by suzee neal on the back side.. she added made in usa.. I liked that!
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  1. That is such a cute girl bear! I love the way she has her arms stretched out for a hug. Those labels look great!

  2. Oh Suzee!! Your bear turned out so cute!!! I bet Zoey had been hugging her lots. You'll have to get a picture to show us =D I love your labels. Get something sewn up so we can see them in action!! Where's your purses LOL =P

  3. Wow, you did a great job! And that's such a *CUTE* story of your granddaughter!! I just saw the tutorial on the website you linked- looks like a lot of work to me!!

  4. Suzee, this is so cute!! I can't wait to see what the flannel shirt ones look like. :)


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