Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year , new beginnings..

Happy New Year... 

I am amazed how fast 2012 went.. The only thing I remember I wanted to get accomplished was to make new curtains for the kitchen.. nope. I just rehung the old ones back up haha.

My goal this year is to sew to sell. I have some ideas for a purse pattern too. Motivation is the key here.. I sit with my laptop and browse Pinterest and nothing else gets done but pinning.. ugh. I have tons of patterns I want to make.. I want to set a goal to sew at least two projects a month.... just for fun projects. I want to test out some patterns I would like to use to sell products too.  I made a sewing planner using my Pink A5 Domino Filofax to use to keep me on track.. ( will post about that soon!) 
My friend Sasha told me about A lovely Year of Finishes whole year sew along from fiberofallsorts. You make a project once a month .. You can make anything you like.. as long as you finish it and link up on your check in date. It starts today and you have seven days to post about it... and you have a chance to win prizes!!! Would you like to join ? There is a button on the side or you can clicky the link above that I mentioned.. 
My second goal of the new year is going to be to post more. I plan on at least 2 a week.. good start huh? 
Here are some items I made this last week..
More key fob's. 

I guess I do have ONE more goal to sit... I want to read the whole collection of Brother Grimm's Fairy Tales.. yep. not the Disney proof collection,, the real Grimm's collection.  This book is massive huge. So will be broke down weekly. Not aiming to read the whole book in a week.. I do like to read and use to read up to 2 books a week.. sometimes 3.. then sewing bite me and I'm lucky to finish one book in two weeks!  
A good friend gave me a gift card at Book's A Million book store and I can't wait to go get my book to start.. I saw the fairy tale book before Christmas and told myself that will be mine soon. I don't buy new books often. I like to purchase used books at a used book store , swap on Paperbackswap or go to the library. So this is a treat for me.. I have also been collecting older hardback books of children's classics. I want to build a nice collection for Zoey. 

You won't see me post many photos of me here.. but I just had to post this one! 
We had a blizzard hit us last week.. we got 10 inches one day then a couple days later got hit with 4 more.. nice. (not)
We have 3 white ducks that stay on a small pond behind our house. The water froze up and they had no where to escape the predators of the wild (these ducks can't fly like most ducks, Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes), so Doug the hubby built a little house for them and we caught the duckies and they are safe and warm now.. hehe.



  1. I hope we are able to keep up with A Lovely Year of Finishes!!! At least we can motivate each other =D
    I love the picture of you and the duck =D Please tell the husband I said Thank You for building them a house!!! That was super awesome of him =D

  2. Eeep so excited to have you join in for sure! I can't wait to see some purses finished and reviewed!

    Great photo and a new bird house - that's awesome. Gotta love how nature thows us a curve ball.

    1. Thank you! I will most likely start out with simple things to make until I get my busy life scheduled around my sewing schedule lol The holidays took a punch into it.. I have only made one quilt my whole life but love to see others.. I leave the quilts to my mom! she is the quilt maker in my family = ) Can't wait to see everyones projects!!!


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