Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well good grief!!! I want to stop there but I have to vent my stupidity...

Last night I made a BIG list of all my craftblogs I'm following..because I'm switching from live feeds from Firefox ( I was using a program called Brief) I like it but want to keep craft blogs separated from my coupon sites. The Brief program was slowing my browser down,because of all the craft blogs! :)
I THOUGHT I wrote all my blogs down,,hmm no.. :(        I started deleting them,one by one..and noticed I don't remember writing that one..oh and that one..YIKES! I had deleted ALOT of my blogs off and never wrote them down :(( well piddles!!!
Most of the newer ones I have saved in google reader..which I was converting over to for the craft blogs.
Ok ok ,,I got to stop explaining to myself...needless to say I will have to just come across those blogs hopefully in the future while browsing.
But the good thing to say.. I won ..again lol
I read it and thought are you kidding me??
I got to pick some fabric from here...

Sort of feel bad, but hey I stayed up late hours and got up early mornings and entered all these! = )

I'm also doing a little revamping on my blog. The background could change again as I'm just trying some out.. I finally drew my own header image! and can not wait to get that on!! I love it.. I'm not much of a artist but this was easy..Doug wanted me to get all detailed with it and I said no, simple it is.

No sewing today as I had my precious little grand daughter over last nite . She didn't go to bed til 1:00 am..slept all night til 6am.. played alittle then went to sleep in my that's what life is for :)
So of course I have to post of picture of her now :))) enjoy your holiday weekend..

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