Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm excited! The last couple of days I was entering the MANY craft blog giveaways listed on sewmamasew blog. It took me those couple of days to enter them too! I thought now come on I  HAVE to win something!! .........and I did!! I about choked on my coffee after seeing the item I won!

THIS -----------

I entered this giveaway on bluemountaindaisy craft blog. There is more detailed pictures of it on her blog.(and i took this image from her site to show it off)  I will be hanging this up in my sewing room!  AND my favorite colors are in it! Greens and Oranges!

Thank you so much  Rachael for this chance to enter this and win it!!

The day isn't over and hopefully I won some more goodies!!! If I do I'm going out to by Lotto lol

NOTE: I am in the process of designing a blog banner for AppleHead Threads. Trying to decide on colors and such...any ideas?? 
I bought a rubber stamp kit and will try my hand in making a stamp and whatever I make will be part of the details in my blog header.. soooo I need help!! :)
Thank you!

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  1. I'm going to comment on my own page.. I forgot to mention I also get a "charm pack" of fabric!! :)))) and this is coming all the way from Australia !!! wow.


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