Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm a winner.. again...AND again

Wow! I need to go out and get me some lotto tickets! I entered ALMOST all of those give away's on SMS blog and won THREE times! I'm never EVER this lucky!

My early mornings and late night entering paid off I reckon..I feel sort of bad because I know there's some of them great people out there in blog land that didn't win nothing :((
Maybe I will do a teeny giveaway my self in the near future? I got so much to do with sewing up baby gifts (THREE different familys!) and then order's I have that keep piling in..

But another thing I want to get finished is my new header on my blog.. and making custom made labels for my items.. AND I want to open a Etsy shop.. dang I need to get busy..
But anywhooo.. I won a pattern and the whole works to make one of these from Candice over at !!! I can not wait to see my colors.. these are gorgeous!! OHHH and she is following me now !! Thank you Candice.

* credit for this image is from Candice on Made With Love.

OK and the other item I won is these cute little reusable snack bags from Amy on  Gabriel's Good Tidings
I didn't get the picture for that as I am trying to get some dinner and running out of time here.. lol
You could hop over there on both of these blogs and check them out.. I love them both..
I am going to try to get some things changed on my blog and update it and also I have so many pictures to post of things I've made!!! One is graduation gifts that I will have to sneak those pics as I don't think she looks over here ...

Oh yeah, forgot to add to my list to do is I'll be adding more buttons and craft list's of my fav blogs I love to get lost in..
Have a good weekend!!
Remember our soldiers! This weekend belongs to them :)


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