Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hey! I'm back! wow its been a whole month since I blogged!! eeeks.. I have no excuse other then I've been lazy and busy.. can that happen at the same time???

I not really sewn too much other then toddler clothes and actually in two days time I got 2 custom orders for Kindle covers!

Photos below = )

 I didnt take pics of the clothes..yet. I bought 3 patterns at Joann's for shirts for myself ! Even got the fabric too, so now I'm commented to make them!

I was asked yesterday for custom orders for small pouches that will fit ammo inside to carry on a military like vest.. If they turn out well he wants me to make some to sell in his shop.. yay!
 Plus sewing on patches to uniforms.. I thought I was finished with uniforms.. but here I go again! lol
I hope no body out there has deserted me !!! I promise I'm still around!!! I hope everyone is well and having a nice summer!!! or winter depending on where you are located....= ) enjoy!


  1. We wouldn't desert you Suzee!! I figured you were busy and just needed a bloggy break. It's great you are getting custom orders. It's very wintery here these days, 2 quilts on the bed type of weather. Not long till Spring though.

  2. Glad to see your back. Sometimes a break is just what was needed. Those kindle covers are awesome!


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