Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My binders and one for sale!

I have a bad habit when I see something new I want I need to try out different styles or ways before I decide what is right for me.. I have always used planners, notebooks or off brand binders.. was never happy with most of them or the setups I was using..
Last year I ordered my first Filofax. Within two months I owned four.. ahem....cough cough..
I have the Holborn Pocket, Holborn Slim , Holborn Personal and a Pink Domino A5 .. I even have a Petal Pocket I am holding back to give as a gift.. I gave one to a friend for Christmas and hoping she likes it!
I need to gift this ASAP so it can get some use from the year inserts. I might consider selling it by next month if I can't think of anyone to gift to.
I wanted to finally show my set up that I am cozy with!!! 
First this was my setup and will show you what I'm using now in a bit...
This is my Franklin Covey I recently purchased from Carla over on Friday,I'm In Love . I love it with the huge 1.75"  rings! 
 I had it stuffed to the gills too.. I'm going to take the monthly inserts out and use this for my budget , addresses, and blog/sewing planner. I wanted to carry my planner with me but this fatty thing was way too big. I needed to have at least my monthly, weekly calendar with me. 
I made my tabs.. again. For the month tabs I just wrote them on a clear tab sticker.  Then the additonal tabs behind are Martha Stewart sticky tabs.  
I love all the pockets in this too. Of course I have inside my little Zoey-bug.
I started the year using the FF inserts that came with my Holborn Personal. Then I made a few of my own and went back to the I said it takes me awhile to find my own way...
This is how I like to do my pages.. I use highlighters to divide my days.. and highlight the days . The print for the days are sooo small! 
This was a busy week from the end of January. I use pink sticky dots for Zoey days and use the bigger stickers from Martha Stewart to sort of make doc appointments stand out. then write in who it is for on the sticker. 
Here is a blank week I wont even use as I went to my Holborn Pocket now. 
Do I have any Southland fans out there?????!!!!!!

Ok here is what I will be using for my calendar and to carry with me as a wallet as well.

The thing I love the most about the Holborn's are the soft and flexible leather. 
and the many pockets!!!  
Plenty of room for my cards.. my cash go inside the top slip pocket. My pen I use is the Frixon mult-colored pen. It won't fit in the pen holder so it gets stuck on the middle rings. It shuts well enough. 
I am only using some plain tabs for now.. I might make me some new dividers or order from JapanCorner on Etsy. She makes some adorable inserts and dividers!!!!
I have my weekly pages behind the diary, the notes are......notes lol and behind the information I have my list of books I want to get and reading now.

My week...
( I use another Frixon pen to put in the pen holder too)
Also I just use a paperclip for now for my Today tab. I'm still moving in this!
I use the same basic set up here as the Frankly Covey binder. I use the FF week on 2 pages that came with the binder. 
I do like this way. Its little and can be carried with me !!!And still big enough to pretty up my week!
I use stickers, and stamps.. I don't like the ink I'm using right now.. they bleed through but I noticed the FF pages are very thin...
 So now you can see the difference of the two.. yes. big difference...!

Ok, I use to use Post it notes in my week for to-do's and reminders.. 
Since there won't be much room in my Pocket I am using this system for ALLLLLL my planning and To Dos!!!
I made this cover last year for a composition notebook. I like my little pen holder on the front =) 

 I found a notebook with the graph paper. I made a week calendar at the top. If I think of anything for that week I will jot it down then move it to my binder week.
I love highlighters so using those to divide my boxes up and when finished I cross it out.. that way I can still see what I finished.
The left side is things to do and not to forget about.. the right side of page is for my blog and sewing stuff, shopping list for materials and make calls...I keep this beside my chair or desk all the time..

I made myself a portable binder carry all.. I like to carry it all to my recliner and doodle in my planner while watching tv....

I think that covers it??? OHHH Would you like to know what is for sale?? hehehehe

I believe I will sell my Holborn Slim.... I used it as my wallet for awhile . It went good but I don't think I will use it anymore at all. I am going to get together what will come with it and post it here in a few days..I know it will have the 2013 weekly pages. I used a couple of the pages but from January. some dividers and extra pages.. I bought this on sale from the Filofax USA site. If anyone is interested I can take pictures to send or you could wait for a couple days til I post here.I will send international as well....
Ok thanks for hanging in this post.. have a great week!!!



  1. Wow! You are so organised! It's all looks fun!

  2. I can't stop giggling thinking that you will use your new smartphone for everything now. You can set alarms and everything for all your calendar entries =P

  3. Wow! 1.75 rings! That's so huge!

    1. yes it is lol I would love to find exact one in pink or blue

  4. I had a small carry all, too - for carrying all my stuff from my desk to the couch. Haven't used it lately, though.

    You don't see FC binders with 1.75 rings very often. These days most of them are 1" which I think are too small. My FC binder has 1.25" rings and they work great. Glad you're enjoying your binder.

    1. Thank you.. I'm still trying to set it up as my budget planner!!! have not got far on it! lol

  5. Wow! That FC looks great! I love a stuffed planner. And I'm so happy it's found a good home to go to and is obviously used and loved. :)

    1. Thank you and thank you for giving me a chance to own it! =)

  6. I have a similar carryall which I found in the scrapbooking department at Michaels. The smaller inside dividers fit my personal or pocket binders and the large middle section holds my A5 (when one is in use) or file folders for projects I'm working on. I also throw magazines, bills, etc. in there that I need to read or go through. The outer pockets store my pens, scissors, washi tape, stickers, a mini stapler, paper clips, post its...actually a variety of things I might need when I'm not at my desk. Its my mini traveling office. LOL I can carry it to the kitchen or upstairs to bed if I want to do some planning at night. Oh, and I keep saying I'm not going to buy any more pocket sizes as I have two that I don't use but that pocket Holborn is really cute!

    1. Its prefect for a traveling office! My grand daughter will take things out of it and put in her purse lol I love my pocket Holborn! its so soft!

  7. You made that carryall!!?? Looks really professional!! And it looks like it has so many pockets :) Thank you so much for mentioning my shop as well (^o^)!

    1. Nooo I didnt make the carryall!!! I bought it at joanns or some place.. yes it has many many pockets and little slots !!! and you are welcome for the mention!


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