Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A not so Posey wristlet

I didn't intend to even post anything for a couple of days....BUT!!! I had to show off this Posey wristlet I made this morning.  I am making a few up for Christmas gifts (getting a good start on my gift making!) and I had some of this creamy white vinyl laying on the shelve.. Its really soft and was wanting to make a purse but got to thinking it would make a cute clutch too!
I used Sasha's Tutorial for her Posey wristlet. Its a simple pattern and very easy to make. I made one a few months back. (HERE) I really want to keep this one!! I have more of the vinyl so maybe make a couple more up..

 Who doesn't like zebra print??? hehehe
Like my ivy ?? Its one plant I have kept alive !!! No green thumb here.The trails of it are as long as 5 foot.
 Do you like my fancy pumpkins? I made those last year.. Actually those and a few more I made is what got me started stalking some of the craft blogs I follow, and lead me to do my own blog!
I added a little tie at the end of the zipper , just because lol. And easy to grab!
This wristlet is very roomy and will probably hold tons of stuff! I use the one I made before and I just put a small wallet and keys and my phone, but would hold more I'm sure!
I want to make matching coin wallets for these wristlets.. Wouldn't that look cute??
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  1. It looks great Suzee!!! That was fast!!! You've been busy today =D


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