Friday, October 21, 2011

My new Ottlite!!

I won a table version Ottlite from little birdie secrets blog a few weeks ago on a give away.. I received it yesterday!! i wasn't expecting it for a few more weeks actually and was very surprised to come home and that it was sitting in my living room. = ) Doug said, UPS man brought ya something..yay!!
I didn't get it unwrapped until today though as I had Zoey bug all day yesterday and well, if she saw it had a button on it for a light , it would be all over with!!

Excuse my messy table.. I've been "thinking" again..

This was the initial first meeting to my old lamp.. she very stylish huh?? But always wanted to knock over at the slightest touch..
You think she took it ok?? She looks sortof glum..= (
I think the new one is proud to set on my desk..I didn't put the old one out to pasture.. she is going to set on my other smaller table =) I think she likes it there better.. 
The light is soooooo much better with the Ottlite.. BIG difference!! And it has a carry handle if I wanted to take it to another room!!
Thought I would show you some things that I put in the Etsy store.. (some say shop, I'm a store person hehe)
Enjoy your weekend!!
I'm not feeling so good so this is short =)


  1. YAY!!! You finally got the light out!! Now you just need to fill it with fun stuff =D I think you need a nap Suzee!!! You might feel better after that =D

  2. That is such a super duper light!! I like the way it has a handle for easy carrying. It's so sweet that you introduced your lamps to each other. Take care of yourself Suzee, I hope you feel better.


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