Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A gift for Zoey !

I been busy sewing up little gifts and such ( will have lots more pictures to show soon!! ya gotta wait!!) but I had to show this little thing off.. its so coooote . I been wanting to make her a small crayon book to give to her mom to have on hand for doctors and shopping trips,etc.. (if you got a 2 year old you understand!)
Zoey does love her markers and inkpens!! I have Zoeyfetti all over my house and furniture.. but being a gramma its ok.. sometimes.
The latest artwork is on my hallway wall..crayon. I can't bear to take it off as I want to see it there when she is older =)
Oh.. yeah.. heres what I made her..

It only holds a few crayons.. but one crayon is a weapon to her..so we will settle with a few and let her graduate to the box.
I stamped her name on the flap.. upside down lol thats why it is at a angle in the picture.. hehe.
I made this pattern! Shocked huh? I added the flap after I showed it to Doug and he turned it sideways and all the crayons fell out.. back to the drawing boar... Now those puppies will stay in! This is the beta of course and I want to make a few more to sell.
I made 4 things today! Two itty bitty and I mean ITTY zippered pouches, and two more notebook covers.
Trying to get some littler things done as I have another fat wallet order.......sigh. If you been here long enough you know I dread making those.. lol BUT I sold the two I already did have sewn up the other day!! Thanks to my daugther in law to be!!! Thank you Liz!!!

I been patiently waiting for Ottlite to contact me for my winning Lite!!! I check my email often lol
This morning I rushed to get a small package together before the mailman came. I got my stamps printed, (after rushing to buy more online) took it out in the box and after 2 o'clock.. I got to thinking.. well crap. Holiday.

I HAD to show this video of Zoey off!! I will translate Zoeynese for ya.. in case you don't get it..

"I want to look for Baby. Baby went to pee pee.."
The second part is sort of hard for me to translate. I got " Go. over there ...... Baby!!!"

I love this little girl!!!!!!!!! ( don't mind the background.. its a trailer that sits back in our woods. Baby likes to go back behind it to do her ....pee pee lol


  1. You are such a fun granma!! I bet Zoey loves you as much as you love her. I can't watch the video because I'm reading this on my phone and it won't work but next time I have my computer on I'll have a look.

  2. Oh Zoey is just adorable!!!!! I love how she says Baby!!! Did she see her crayon wallet yet? I bet she loves it. It's super cute Granma Suzee =D

  3. I just watched the little video. Isn't Zoey the cutest little doll. It was fun hearing your voice too.


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