Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I made my little goody bags just today! I been running behind all week and so busy that I never got to even make special little things for my goblins!! I don't get regular treaters, just friends and family.. I used some printable labels and threw in some home made cookies and bought candy and picked up a package of cute sunglasses in the birthday aisle!
I forgot to take a picture of my little Batman girl last night!! ( my great niece) she was soo cute! But here is my other great niece and her little brother. They did the Wizard of Oz theme, and she had to have a Toto so we put our little bumble bee Baby in her basket! so cute! Excuse my mess in the back!! Its our dumping grounds for shoes and what nots and Doug's work clothes...ugh.

The of course here is Baby dressed up !!! her second year as a bumbling bee!!!

And of course excuse my mess.. It was a Zoey week!!
 Here's our little monkey now!!! and her momma. ( a not so Big Bad Wolf..or maybe she was?? LOL ) her outfit was a knock out though!!

 She even did the monkey sounds hehe
We made cookies today and home made cornbread..She kept saying ewww icky icky.. 

I hope all went well with your Halloween!
Don't forget my giveaway!!

I will probably leave it open until Wednesday night!! (the 2nd)
Thanks !!


  1. Cute cute cute and more cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Halloween at your house Is so much fun!! Such great costumes!! Baby makes the cutest bumblebee I ever did see!! And Zoey is as cute as ever. Your treat sound fun. Party sunglasses are such a great idea!


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