Saturday, October 22, 2011

Momma made me something!

 I sent my mom something from a blog and told her I wanted one for Christmas.. She came past the house today with this.. already! Now I will have to figure out what she will make me for Christmas again!
 A sewing machine cover!!!
 with a cute little handle!!
 And my craft blog name!  (she will have to meke me one for each season now! hehe)
Of course Zoey had to model for it.. She goes right to my sewing chair and if I try to sneak in the room she hears my door open and poof there she is in my chair!! She likes to poke the pins into the pincushion and say owie,,owie,,owie.. lol  I promised her she will learn to sew and help me make goodies.. she said. yay!!
I use to have this little blue sewing machine when I was little. I have no idea where it went or what happened to it.. but you had to hand crank the side of it to turn.. it might of been electric but all I remember is the hand crank.. or maybe the destruct-or as I was when I was little I probably cut the cord off to drag my sisters Miss Besley's doll behind my bike.. oops.. I was a awful sister! hahaha
Yes, I know how much those dolls are worth now!! eeeks.
Will be posting my giveaway I HOPE Monday night!!! crossing my fingers to getting it finished tomorrow!!! =)  


  1. I just got a new sewing machine cover too!! Yours is soo pretty, and so cool that it has your name on it!! Hello little Zoey!! Its so cute she says owie when she sticks the pins in.

  2. Oh your mom is so sweet! I love your new machine cover =D

    I think it's so cute that Zoey wants to learn how to sew =D I'll be expecting some Zoey projects soon *giggle*.


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