Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another note book cover..

I like this one better!! I bought a FQ at Walmart awhile back and had it hidden in the clutter and thought..hmmm this looks like doodling.. so I got busy and cut into it. I added a flap ,MUCH BETTER to use!! and hide the label on the back! (not shown)

I'll add this to sell and see how it goes.. Putting it on Facebook first. If interested clicky on the left up there!! = ) I'll even throw in a ink pen!! and of course the notebook come with it.. I'm going to use the first one for my own for a shopping list. Coupons on one side that I want to use, and the back side I'll put the coupons that won't be used because a certain place I go never has the items..
Sorry I'm typing out loud and rambling again...

Ok, going to go add it now...


  1. This one is beautiful!! It'll get snapped up in a flash!! Nice photo with the striped back ground!!

  2. Very cute!!!! The doodle fabric is perfect!!


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